Saturday, March 7, 2015

Special blog offer destash during studio excavation...

 Check my destash offer here.  I've packed 4 destash boxes so far, and I have to say I surprised even myself in how much I was able to stuff in there.  I am finally doing the studio cleanout I have needed to do for years now.  I am literally going through every single container.  Sounds obvious, doesn't it?  If only I could describe just how many containers that means, though.  No singular effort ever seems to make a dent.  So I'm just making it plural efforts, and I'm seeing dents finally.

 This above photo likely looks unorganized to people who are organized.  It's not color-coordinated, material-coordinated--it's hung by strand-length.  Best I can do.  But compare it to the clumped hanging strands you can kind of see in the photo below.  The weird thing is there are probably 8 of those plastic divided containers' worth of beads (like the one open below) now strung-and-on-the-wall, and it somehow looks like less stuff hanging because it's hung with some thought.

I've noiw got and am going to have so many of these divided containers left over to use for better stuff than random loose beads. 

I've got a start with large quan. bead sets and metal components like this above.
Anyway, here is an example of the amount of things going into the destash boxes.  I estimate I ended up getting about 20% more into the box after packing this.  Finally, for the


As a special offer for blog readers, I will include a small set of my polymer clay beads (of my choosing) in the destash box.  The only catch is you MUST include a note about the polymer beads in a 'note to seller' or otherwise notify me in an obvious way (Etsy convo, message at fb, etc.)


  1. Hey, just want to give you a heads up that I just did a reveal of what I received in the box I got from you. I included LOTS of links back to your shops and here. I hope that's okay!! Here's my post for you to see (

    1. Wonderful--thank you! I'll check it out now.