Monday, October 5, 2015

GIVEAWAY! Tarot Tea Towel from Monique Lanier's Sailor's Mouth

Here we go!

I am very pleased to host a giveaway for my wonderful friend Monique.  The item is a gorgeous linen tea towel featuring a Justice card print from the Marseilles tarot deck.  I want to spend a little bit of time here, introducing you to Monique, because she is a real-life friend of mine.

See how lovely the tarot tea towel looks in Monique's kitchen below?  It's waiting with its fingers crossed to fly through the air and land in your own house.  Enter the drawing so we can choose a name tell it in which direction to go.  Instructions for entering the drawing to win the tea towel will be at the bottom of this post!

I showed this photo before, but here it is again.  Monique sent me one of her tarot towels as a present!  I LOVE it.  Truly, it has magic.

Here's a link to the description of a similar tea towel she has in her shop.  The tarot set is absolutely gorgeous.  Here is what she writes about the tarot towels:

'I love this print and I love linen. I have spent a lot of time on this design and these towels. They are all unique and purposefully handcrafted. I deliberately created them to look earthy and old world. I didn't want any part of them to look mass produced. The have beautiful imperfections that emulate us as humans and the world we live in. This is much more than a "tea towel" - it is meant to be an heirloom infused with meaning and magic.'

It has been so nice to connect with Monique again.  I've known her for decades.  But since we've been chatting a ton via Etsy, we've both been wondering why the hell we didn't hang out more in Salt Lake.  I don't know.  I just completely love her.  We were 'perimeter friends'-- I just made that term up, so it's silly and I don't know what it means.  We each had good friends in common, and there were pockets of times we'd tend to see each other a lot.

A new pillowcase in Monique's shop, Sailor's Mouth

Quite a long time ago, had to have been in the 90s, Monique hosted an Easter brunch at her house. This was at a time it was pretty much only she and I who had children within our mutual friend group.  Now there are dozens and dozens of kids going on, of course.  But I wasn't used to another mommy friend my age, and looking back, it somehow seems 'important' that Monique and her daughter Julian were in our lives at that time.  That Easter was the first time I'd been to Monique's home.  Julian's room seemed enchanted; it was obvious that Monique was very present with her. The two of them were a Family.  It was such a relief to me somehow to be there and feel that--it was like, someone else is doing this. And they're doing it well.

This is where I could spend a whole hell of a lot of time telling stories and bragging about my friends. To keep some focus, here are some fun memories and facts along with photos of Monique's bunny rabbit Harry and her kitties.  And of course, her superstar rockstar daughter Julian Moon!

Julian and my son Tierney attended the same wondrous, odd, and unique little school, The Open Classroom.  Julian is 4 years older than Tierney, so it was so nice knowing there was going to be a big kid at school he already knew.  Once, when I was leaving school during a recess or some other outdoor activity, I turned around to look at little kindergarten-Tierney again way down below in the playground-valley before I left, and I watched as he ran toward Julian, her arms outstretched.  It made me so happy, and I loved her so much for it. Another video of hers...

Memory:  One time a mutual friend threw me a big surprise birthday party, and Monique's gift to me was a 25 pound box of baking soda.  She said, "I've always wanted to buy a present like this for somebody, and you are the perfect person for it."  And you know what?  I was! 
Meet "Harry," Monique's bunny rabbit!  He lives in her sewing room.  Is that not fairy-tale style glamour?  Grounds for a picturebook, for sure.
Fact: Monique is an actress. Famous movie star.  More glamour.

She played Paige Thacher in the 1st season of Life Goes On.  Lots of other stuff too.  She is very humble about her successes & experiences.  I've asked her like 500 times what is 'ok to post.'  She has patiently told me each time that anything I want to post is ok.  I want to post everything because it's all so fascinating.  But she has used this DVD cover in her 'about' page at Etsy, so I will stick with it. Did you watch this show?

Monique's darling kitty cats! The eyes!
Memory: One time Monique came to work (did I mention we worked at Barnes & Noble together?) with her normally long hair cut into a perfect short bob.  It was stunning.  Picture perfect, whatever that means.  I complimented her and asked where she got it done, and she said, "I just cut my ponytail off!"  I was like, no way--this is exactly how I want my hair.  She said, "You should cut your ponytail off!" Right--as if!  I should have let HER cut my ponytail off.  Can't believe I didn't think of it.

Julian with the wonderfully enormous and fluffy kitty!

Harry again!
We're getting to the giveaway details and instructions.  First...

Detail of a Virgin of Guadalupe pillowcase from Sailor's Mouth

...just a few more items available at Sailor's Mouth.  Everything seems like it would be a perfect gift.  That's rather obvious, I guess.

Floral infinity scarf
Check out Sailor's Mouth on Facebook!

Ok! One more thing before the instructions.  In addition to being a magic seamstress and designer, talented actress and fabulous mother, Monique is an amazing musician/singer; check it out: 

To get one ticket/entry you can:

-Leave a comment on this post
-Favorite Sailor's Mouth at Etsy
-Pin a Sailor's Mouth item to Pinterest*
-Share this blog post on facebook
-Share this blog post on your own blog

Mix and match.  That is 5 possible tickets!  Just keep track of your tickets and let me know in the comments how many you get & what they're for.  (Please note you must leave a comment below in order for me to know about your entries!) Link to your posts too, if you like as well.   I'm also quite open to creative DIY ticket-getting ideas.  Don't be shy.  

Open to everyone--domestic US and international is fine.  No shipping charge--the giveway is a full on give.  (Also, if you wish to leave a comment but don't want to be entered in the giveaway, just mention that in the comment.)

I will conduct the drawing in a couple weeks.  I will announce the winner here, with some kind of documentation of the drawing.  I usually enlist one of my pet rats to help.  Monique will be shipping the prize to the winner. I would like to get A TON TON TON of entries.  More entries than I've had for any previous giveaway.   Please share, share, share and SHARE.  

*Pin one or more item to Pinterest via this blog post or Sailor's Mouth at Etsy=1 ticket


Monday, September 14, 2015

Upcoming Giveaway -- Sailor's Mouth -- Tarot Tea Towel

Just a quick post to mention a soon-to-be-in-action giveaway I'm going to host on my blog to introduce my lovely friend Monique and her new Etsy shop, Sailor's Mouth.
Tarot of Marseilles-Justice-Tea Towel

The above tea towel is likely going to be the giveaway item.  

She's got other gorgeous tarot tea towels and others in her shop, along with pillowcases, scarves...

scarf detail

another gorgeous tea towel

Monique combines super high quality designer and uncommon fabrics, & her own handmade and vintage trims in her items.  She sent me a tarot tea towel, and I LOVE IT.  In her tarot towel description, she writes,

'I love this print and I love linen. I have spent a lot of time on this design and these towels. They are all unique and purposefully handcrafted. I deliberately created them to look earthy and old world. I didn't want any part of them to look mass produced. The have beautiful imperfections that emulate us as humans and the world we live in. This is much more than a "tea towel" - it is meant to be an heirloom infused with meaning and magic.'

I love magic.  The towel is magic.

This above is my tarot tea towel.  But I say that it is literally more than a tea towel.  Right now I have it layered over some things on the back of my couch, but I will likely use it as a table runner kind of thing, clipped on my kitchen door window like a curtain, etc.  It's soft enough to wear like a scarf. I'm not a scarf person, or a non-dark-color wearing person, but I were, I would totally use it as a scarf.  So it truly is more than a tea towel.  It's the kind of object that when people see it will be compelled to touch and inspect to crack its beauty mystery.  I could go on.  I love my tea towel. 


I will post the giveaway details within a week or so.  It'll work like my previous giveaways with the 'write your own tickets' system.  One ticket/entry for favoriting Sailor's Mouth on Etsy, maybe two for making your own blog post about the giveaway, etc.  So get a head start and go check out Monique's shop now.  To pique your interest--I know I am always bragging about having the most interesting friends doing amazing things, but here I go again:  Monique is an actress you may recognize from a 90s era tv show.  Go check out her about page!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Preview: Fabric Beads Coming Soon...

Just a quick post to show off some of the new things I've been working on:

Fabric beads, bead caps, connectors, pendants...

 Various macrame components including bead caps and links...
 these are bead caps made from waxed cotten embroidery floss; sold but more coming soon.
And a clasp; more of everything coming soon.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

New beads in my supply shop...

I've got lots of new things in my supply shop.  Some really pretty lampwork beads...
 carved wood...
 2 strands of the dyed bone beads...
 some dyed wood and plastic...
 Floral illustrated polymer clay...

and some polymer neutrals with a pendant.  There's more, but I'm having an issue with copying and pasting photos, and I've deleted the original photos.  I also just put three of my necklace connector listings into my sale section.  Go see all this and more in the shop!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coupon Code & Etsy Sale Information...

I have sale going in both of my Etsy shops.
In my supply shop, use the coupon code 1DAYSALE for 20% off everything, no minimum purchase.  The coupon is good today through May 14th (tomorrow.)

In my jewelry shop, I have a new '25 dollar sale' section.  I just added several things to it; some have super steep discounts.  No coupon code required...everything is already reduced to $25.
The items below are all in the $25 section.  Just a sampling...there are over 30 items in the section; go check it out!

25 DOLLAR SALE || Beaded Necklace -- Rustic Cream and White - Vintage Pearl Cabochon Pendant - Glass, Mother of Pearl - Rustic Necklace

See anything else you might like reduced to $25 in my jewelry shop?  I'm going to be putting a few more things in; don't hesitate to ask me if something you're interested in is a candidate for the sale!  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Special blog offer destash during studio excavation...

 Check my destash offer here.  I've packed 4 destash boxes so far, and I have to say I surprised even myself in how much I was able to stuff in there.  I am finally doing the studio cleanout I have needed to do for years now.  I am literally going through every single container.  Sounds obvious, doesn't it?  If only I could describe just how many containers that means, though.  No singular effort ever seems to make a dent.  So I'm just making it plural efforts, and I'm seeing dents finally.

 This above photo likely looks unorganized to people who are organized.  It's not color-coordinated, material-coordinated--it's hung by strand-length.  Best I can do.  But compare it to the clumped hanging strands you can kind of see in the photo below.  The weird thing is there are probably 8 of those plastic divided containers' worth of beads (like the one open below) now strung-and-on-the-wall, and it somehow looks like less stuff hanging because it's hung with some thought.

I've noiw got and am going to have so many of these divided containers left over to use for better stuff than random loose beads. 

I've got a start with large quan. bead sets and metal components like this above.
Anyway, here is an example of the amount of things going into the destash boxes.  I estimate I ended up getting about 20% more into the box after packing this.  Finally, for the


As a special offer for blog readers, I will include a small set of my polymer clay beads (of my choosing) in the destash box.  The only catch is you MUST include a note about the polymer beads in a 'note to seller' or otherwise notify me in an obvious way (Etsy convo, message at fb, etc.)