Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coupon Code & Etsy Sale Information...

I have sale going in both of my Etsy shops.
In my supply shop, use the coupon code 1DAYSALE for 20% off everything, no minimum purchase.  The coupon is good today through May 14th (tomorrow.)

In my jewelry shop, I have a new '25 dollar sale' section.  I just added several things to it; some have super steep discounts.  No coupon code required...everything is already reduced to $25.
The items below are all in the $25 section.  Just a sampling...there are over 30 items in the section; go check it out!

25 DOLLAR SALE || Beaded Necklace -- Rustic Cream and White - Vintage Pearl Cabochon Pendant - Glass, Mother of Pearl - Rustic Necklace

See anything else you might like reduced to $25 in my jewelry shop?  I'm going to be putting a few more things in; don't hesitate to ask me if something you're interested in is a candidate for the sale!  

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