Saturday, June 7, 2014

A few new...

 These are actually old new things.  I painted a ton of these a few years ago--these black beads were probably in the first batch of thrifted jewels I snagged when I started making jewelry again.
Some oxed charms...
 Tin connector set...
 Some earrings I made using Numinosity pins...
 Like the unicorn display?
 He's holding the card up here.  These earrings have liquid polymer clay headpins--I used a heatgun in a very-faux-lampwork kind of technique.  Time consuming.
 The unicorn was just a regular little knick knack and while I was cleaning I realized it would be a perfect place to hang earrings, so I stuck the earrings I was wearing on him and snapped a picture as a tester.  I love it.  .
 Some tin & bead chandeliers...
And an assemblagey necklace with an Arrowhead I got at the Farmer's Museum a couple weeks ago.
Stay tuned for an upcoming necklace giveaway! It will be a Shipwreck Dandy necklace and feature a Herkimer Diamond sterling-wrapped pendant from my friend Kim who owns Fall Hill Bead and Gem In the meantime check her blog/site out there, and her Etsy shop too!

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  1. Love it Richelle! love the jewels, the stash and the display!
    Btw...if you wanna see what I've made from the tut visit my blog
    Can't wait to see more :)