Thursday, May 22, 2014

New beads!

Lots of new things listed in my supply shop.

Polymer Clay Beads - 3 Rustic Faux Frit Sugar Beads - Chubby Teardrops and Round - Black and White - Glitter Sparkle - Polymer Clay Art Set

Some faux frit...

Polymer Clay Beads - 5 Rustic Embellished Beads - Rose Party No. 4 - Hand Illustrated Flowers, Millefiori Cane Roses - Translucent Glow
Polymer and paper clay.  I've been using liquid clay in a kind of faux lampwork technique with a new heat gun.

Illustrated Paper Clay Beads - 2 Rustic Embellished Floral Beads - Hand Drawn Flowers - Super Chunky Primitive Pair - Purple & Yellow Beads
Flower paper clay...
Handmade Rustic Earring Connectors - Vintage Tin Findings - Handmade Wide Chandelier Earring Connectors and Charms - Metallic Magenta, Gold
Some tin connetors...
Illustrated Paper Clay Beads - 2 Rustic Embellished Floral Heart Beads - Hand Drawn Flowers - Chunky Primitive - Hand Drawn Pink and Black
More paper clay with a liquid polymer overcoat...
Polymer Clay Beads - 10 Rustic Mixed Beads - Crackle, Grey, White Twisted Turbans, Pink, Millefiori - Light & Dark - Eclectic Polymer Set

A mixed set...

Rose cane set...

Polymer & Paper Clay Beads - 4 Rustic Glazed Fancy Pinks - Flowers, Faux Lampwork, Lilac Wash, Striped Sandworm - Millefiori - Chunky Clay

Another poly & paper set.

Go take a look!

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