Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All polymer, all the time, all the eternity

 This is some nice crackle...
 They've sold.  I have lots more on the way.
These below are available...
These white ones as well.
This pendant took a little break but is back.
 Same here.  And he's found some friends along the way.  Also, he got glossier.
 Some orphans...including a widower pig.  He's getting along ok, surrounded in a circle of hope.
 Some twisted turbans, made using striped cane snakes vs. all white.  With a milky gloss glaze.
 These have sold.  My favorite is the smaller red and black one.
 Some sold turbania...
 I think I forgot to list these.  Will be listed by the end of the day.
 Another go at faux sugar glass beads in poly.  White bases with pink microbeads hooked onto a glaze layer.  And then coated over and over and over with tons of more clear glaze, then brushed n' wiped with black.
You're against them?
 Well, I love them.  I like that they look pustular and pox like.  Yet they are guaranteed inert and contagion free.  They are sugar glass effigies.  All wrong yet oh so right. They also somehow remind me of iced circus animal cookies.
Perhaps you will be more accepting of them if presented in context?  Earrings are available in the jewelry shop.  

I have lots of new destash strands and such also listed in the supply shop--go see!


  1. I've been a bad bloggy commenteer lately ( and newbie polygirl) but you just amaze me with your inventive and unique vision and execution with this medium. I bow down to you Ms. Dandy!

  2. I'm far worse of a bloggy commenteer! Thanks for your kind words! (And look who's talkin...)