Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Newly listed...

I've got a few new things listed.  Some floral polymers above...

A big red bead set...

This one sold but I wanted to show it off.  I really like the colors.  Alternative spring colors.  Because Spring isn't all tulips and perfect pastels all the time.  That smaller twisted turban on the left is probably my favorite one yet shapewise.

Rustic Chandelier Earrings - Vintage Tin, Beaded Wire Drops, White Glass Rounds, Hand Dyed Bone Beads - Pink, Gold, White - Rustic Earrings

These tin chandeliers are older but I think they were listed when I kept forgetting to blog.

Rustic Assemblge Earrings - Vintage Brass Flowers, Italian Lucite Cabochons, Shabby Stars - Neutral Earthy - Starry Floral Spring Earrings
Older earrings revamped with stars and a little strategic polishing.
Rustic Beaded Earrings - Stick & Hoop - Rose Quartz in Pink Petals, Glass Beaded Steel Wire Wrapping on Hammered Hoops
Some beaded stick and hoops...

Here, some simple vintage bead earrings.  I am in love with the faceted yellow glass beads.  I wish the picture was better to show their slight givre-ness quality.

Finally, some assemblagey chandeliers--Did I show these already?  They've been listed a while too.

Spring is in TWO DAYS!  Hurray!

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  1. I adore that polymer set! turbans and roses and facets, oh my!
    also the earrings with the seed bead loops? wowza! gonna hafta copy...