Monday, December 16, 2013

Good Hinges

 I'm loving this bracelet I made.  I've been thinking about making some kind of really great hinges for quite a while now, & I am so pleased that the first thing I tried seems just perfect.  I can barely begin to describe how wonderfully sound these hinges are.  I have a vintage hinged Mexico bracelet I showed a while ago, from my grandmother, and I consider its hinges the thing to shoot for.  You can hold it from the clasp and it stands straight up in the air; you can get it to slowly unfold, component by component, perfect hinge by perfect hinge, as you move your hand just so.  It's 'elegant,' in the cosmic sense, in a jewelry sort of way.
 And this simple macrame knotting between wire components does the same thing.  You can fold it like an accordian; it's perfectly tight while being perfectly limber.
 It stands up!  Macrame is magic.  Lots of possibilities with this technique.  I'm really into this bracelet, but I think I'll be listing it after all.  It feels really good to wear though.  We'll see.
 This necklace is listed.
 New bracelet too.
 These have been listed a while.  I used the varieties option to list them.  I question its usefulness.  THere is no way for someone to select two of them.  I wonder if I used it correctly though.
 Some drilled cab earrings.
 Assemblage earrings with 2 types of vintage buttons.
 Converted clip ons.  It's the kind of thing I've noticed that people say makes them feel like they cheated making them, because all I did was clip, file, and attach hooks.  But I don't feel cheaty.  They are so pretty.  Almost kept them.
Assemblage bracelet.

I'll also have lots of new supplies/beads listed in my supply shop super soon!  Go see!

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