Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I finally listed some actual jewelry.  These are Numinosity headpins under Fall Hill Bead & Gem glass beads.

 Have I shown these before?  I had some things on reserve and they got taken off reserve, so I can't recall if I showed them already.  Some may be repeats.  Above--foiled faceted, a star...
 A big crackle with a flower cap, a dotter, glazed glitters...
A big red facet pendant drop...
 Nice big hole on it.
 I think I did show these.  I painted flowers on them.  They're off reserve and available now.
 Iridescent shell forms, rounds.  The glitter paint I'm using claims to be 'holographic.'  Not sure I'm buying it, but it is nice and sparkly.
 Some silver metallics--these photographed weird and I need to make sure the color is true before listing.
 These are off reserve...
 Some more floral illustrated beads...includes a drop pendant.  It's got some light crackle going on in spots.
 The flowers are all fictional.  Not based on actual types.  Just based on whatever markers I have in my hand and my scribbling efforts.
 Gold metallics.  I think they've got a great retro chartreuse vibe going with the color.
I feel like I have shown these before too.  But--I had to switch out a couple of the beads in this set.  Now there's a floral and shell.

Lorelei Eurto featured some of my glazed beads in a necklace and at her blog--go see!

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