Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paper clay & 50% Off Sale

{Psst...I forgot to mention I put some polymer clay bead lots on sale for half price in my supply shop.  I created a new sale section and right now there are 16 listings discounted to half price, including some pretty millefiori and some moons, faux trade beads, primitives, and even a lot of lovely crackle glazed--go check it out.}
I finally got a chance to try the paper clay.  I used this.

 I just made simple shaped rounded beads because I had no idea how strong they'd be.
 It's really an amazing medium.  Way different than the paper pulp clay I make from scratch.  This stuff is truly like clay.  So much so, that I am going to try it out on the pottery wheel.  It dries more quickly than the pulp beads too, and is super strong when dry.
 I haven't tried paint with it yet--this is all Sharpie marker.  It takes extremely well and has a wonderfully little slight-bleeding dynamic (similar to how Sharpies take to watercolor paper) that can be employed to lovely effect.
The details got covered up under the white paint detailing (I guess I did use paint, but in this case it was over a sealant, so I'm not sure how the paint takes straight on the paper bead) but the bleeding effect made beautiful little almost fractal looking edges on the "leaves" on the yellow bead.

These beads are all listed and available, as well as some new polymer glazed sets as seen below.  Go see!

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