Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It looks like I've been so busy making beads, doesn't it?  
Polymer Clay Beads - 4 Rustic Glazed Beads -  Textured Rounds & Nuggets, Turquoise, Blue, Metallic Gold - Fancy Ornate Caps
It's an illusion.
 Polymer Clay Beads - 6 Rustic Floral Beads -  Fancy Textured Rounds, Metallic Gold, Bright Red, Blue Flowers - Polymer Clay Art Bead Set 
I've been making beads at a normal clip.
Polymer Clay Beads - 5 Rustic Glazed Beads -  Textured Rounds, Illustrated Pod - Purple, Blue, Metallic Gold - Colorful Art Bead Set 
I can now take photos AT NIGHT
...or anytime.  So it changes everything.

So what looks like me making a lot of beads is really me just being able to catch up on photographing and listing them.
Polymer Clay Beads - 4 Rustic Illustrated & Glazed Beads - Textured Pod Charm, Geometric Nugget, Abstract Botanical - Grey, Coral Rose, Gold
All of these have been listed-only a few of them have sold.
RESERVED - 2 Lots Polymer Clay Beads - 3 Rustic Illustrated Floral Beads plus 8 Glazed Beads - Leafy Branches & Colorful Flowers
I pulled the photos straight from Etsy--just dragged them over...

It doesn't always work correctly and always formats it strangely.

Polymer Clay Beads - 4 Rustic Botanical Beads-  Grungy Rounds with Dried Leaves - Painted Petals - Dirty Cream and Black - Shabby Polymer

I can't even see what I'm writing.  It's using invisible ink.

Next post will have some thoughtful blogging.  I really have to be able to see words when I write. Nothing's working.  The Universe has disappeared.  THe photos are refusing all my commands.

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Polymer Clay Beads - 6 Rustic Glazed Floral Beads -  Magenta Roses, Painted Flowers, Raspberry Rose Pods - Colorful Polymer Clay Art Beads