Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crimp cover idea and destash stuff

One thing that has been mentioned by reluctant crimpers is the management of the exposed crimp.  Of course there is always wire-wrapping, or covering it with a large-holed bead, or using off the shelf crimp covers.  These things can be issues unto themselves sometimes though--wire wrapping, unless managed well, can traction the strung beads too tightly.  One of the whole points of using beading wire and crimps is to string smaller beads, so it isn't always easy to find a large holed bead that fits with the look.  

 The other night as I was making some polymer clay beads, I thought it would be a good idea to make some large hole beads with the idea of crimp covers in mind.  Beads that would be nice size-wise and kind of non-descript color and texture wise to blend in to most things, yet also be pretty.  As I worked, I got sidelined with other things, and when I was finished I was still thinking of crimp covers, and what would be a perfect kind of thing.  Something versatile and manipulable to each specific area requiring crimp covering.  Sometimes even in the same necklace a beaded end requires a different dynamic.

There happened to be cut pieces of tin on my table, so I filed some little strips, about 3/4 inches long, and rolled them strategically right over the crimps on this necklace.  The nice thing is of course, you can customize the heights as necessary by cutting.  There is absolutely no tractioning of the beaded strand so it doesn't tighten up either, and sit all wrong, which is really what I like best about them.  The strand's integrity just as you beaded it remains.  Here's a close up below:

I used tin crimp covers on this necklace below as well.  The tin print part was black, so I dotted teeny silver leaf on it. 

I've got several new things made, photographed, and ready to list.  I'm feeling kind of burned out on listing right now though, so I will leave them until tomorrow.  Here's a stone stranded, wire wrapped blue glass guy:

 And a shell assemblage guy:
 I really love the way it looks on.
 The wire wrapped stone in the pendant is one of a ton of crazy stones I got in big bags at the thrift store.  The only thing I can identify in them is black tourmaline.  This thing is 'stepped' and shines like mica.    Any ideas?

Below is marble and glass stranded, with a nice long assemblage pendant.
 I've made some initial sales in my supply shop!  I did sell one of the destash strands, so I took a cue and put several more together.  This one isn't listed quite yet.  It's made with earrings in mind--there are pairs of each bead.  This is just the kind of thing I would purchase myself if I came across it at a good price.
 Some red lampwork...
 Black and green vintage.  We'll see if the emerald lucite is appealing to others as it is to me.  They are some of my all time favorite beads.  I've got a whole strand of them, "new old stock."  They literally glow like lanterns in the light.
 Here they are in earrings.  The faceting is spiral, or nebula faceting.
 Another destash strand in all pairs thinking of earrings...
 Some pairs on these whites as well, and also some nice bigger beads...
 And I listed that felted flower I kept dyeing!  I felt like if I didn't list it, I would keep messing with it and eventually go too far.  Do you agree that it's grey?
 More pairs below.  Most appropriate for earrings--the larger crackle glass and the foiled tube lampwork are the only ones that may be too weighty.

So, if you haven't checked it out yet, go see my supply shop! Coming soon are some macramed and braided cotton cords for use in necklaces, and some ready-to-use vintage tin chandelier earring connectors.  I just need to get everything together in time for photos before the sun goes down.  No exaggeration--it began getting noticeably darker at about 3pm today!  By 4:20, it was beyond dusk.  This is not my favorite time of year!

But I'm trying to forget that.  Things are good.  My son's last day of his very first college semester is tomorrow and I am quite proud to say he'll be receiving all As.  He's actually got 100% in most of his classes!


  1. Beautiful pieces! Your flower piece looks grey green, like as though I was looking at it underwater. Anemone-like. Lovely!

    Congratulations to your son, that's fantastic news!

    xo Juliette

    1. Thanks so much for the color confirmation--I see it as green, but experience tells me it's grey, but I know now it's got green in it, so I'm going to add it to the description. Grey/green is one of my hardest things to figure out!

  2. Love the tin crimp covers - very clever. I'm seeing grey, but like you I find it so hard to distinguish betweeen the two colors (my husband is a designer so he despairs of me).