Friday, December 7, 2012


Thanks to everyone who's already faved/visited/commented upon/whatev my new supply shop.  The Shipwreck Dandy name-using was indeed the right thing to do; many of the views I'm getting are from such keyword searches.

So far I've got a few made to order listings for the faceted polymer beads, some long destash strands, and some oxidized little lots of things.  I was pretty eager to get a full page listed. Empty-looking shops bug me.  

I will be listing many more polymer and handmade items really soon.  My idea in listing the small lots of vintage plastic beads and these larger destash strands is that often people will look around to see what they like that can be thrown in inexpensively to take advantage of combined shipping.  I think I've probably already written about those dynamics.  But I sure do that myself.  And I've noticed it happens in my jewelry shop too, on small and large scales (beads and jewelry, respectively.) So I thought I'd just get some small impulse-purchase things listed right away since I am filled to every brim with overspill beads everywhere.

So, in the next week or so, you'll be seeing a lot more handmade items in the supply shop.

I've got some jewelry listed too.  Tons, I think, that I've not posted here yet:

 These little blue glass flowers are from Fall Hill Bead and Gem; the brick and mortar, real-life, physical store, that is.  It's like the only bead/gem store within 600 miles of my house, and it's within walking distance.  Isn't it weird?  And they opened literally the same month I started making jewelry.  It's a wonderful coincidence.  Anyway, check out their Etsy shop with high grade Herkimer diamonds and gemstones.
 Last night I was going through a box of metal and put these guys together.  I've got a ton of those wonderful square frame settings and I love them because you can use them a million ways.  These sold just a few minutes after I listed them!  What a nice surprise--that hasn't happened in a while.
 I found a great way to stabilize shank buttons.  Maybe everyone's already thought of it.  Those great MOP nuggets were on earrings in a trade lot from Fanciful Devices.  I just left them right on their little pins untouched.  They remind me of  teeth.

 Did I not show these?  Listed a while ago.  The tops were post earrings.  The were in a general dome shape, with the center part really domed out.  I removed the post, hammered like crazy till flat,oxidized, and dotted some gold on.  The long dangles in the center are each half of a brass leaf that came off this rose I have on a wall.  They curled right up into trumpety, claw-y long bead caps.  I tucked some serpentine triangles into them.

 See the head pins?  They're regular jewelry pins with a baked-right-on polymer clay treatment.  I made teeny facets in it and brushed with some silver leaf to get a faux-pewter like feel.  It's funny because pewter itself is used in fauxing.  I'm thinking of making some of these for the supply shop.  They turn out inexact though.  So people wanting to use them in pairs will have to have an affinity for mismatch to an extent.

 These got a fair amount of attention and they've sold.  I love the wrapped stone, so I'll definitely make more with the same idea.
 This is kind of a nostalgic design for me.  I think just because I used some beads here I used in very early earrings.  I love that purple glass.  What does it mean when something is glass for sure, but it's super lightweight?  These purple beads are glass, but they're really light.
I spent some time experimenting making bead caps out of wire.  I have a ways to go to get what I'm envisioning, but I liked that these turned out kind of nestlike.

Ok--off to make some beads now...


  1. Beautiful pieces! I love that you are not afraid to step outside the box in terms of design. I'm always a bit timid in trying new things.

    Your new shop looks great!!! I'm going to have to get some of our handmade fasceted clay beads one of these days.

  2. I somehow missed the opening of the supply shop... yipee! Going to check it out now. I really like the wrapped stones too on those earrings you sold. Ok that photo of the kids eating corn on your sidebar just makes me smile. Can't wait to see what else you are listing soon.

    1. aren't they cute! We all stood in this garden unable to stop eating the raw corn.