Thursday, December 20, 2012

Raktajino and Rats


Crystal n' glass

My surprisingly good decaf coffee in the press pot for my made-up Raktajino  recipe I've been drinking huge quantities of every night 

Some old things with new photos.  These are very difficult to photograph.  This is the third round of photos in about 14 months.  Still not satisfied.

My rats caught with an unexpected flash.  Tarts managed to get his eyes closed.  Look at his little finger/hand on the bars.  Looks like a paparazzi shot.

Another old pair with new photos.  These are from my first couple months on Etsy.  I still love them.  Beer can bezels.

I love these cabs

Some orphan beads in my supply shop...

And finally, some tin cut connectors and the second to last pair of these gorgeous foiled lampwork beads.  I hope I can find some more!

How's everyone doing with Christmas sales and Christmas in general?  My sales are smaller compared to last year, but I think I should actually go check to see if that's true or if it just feels like it.  At this time last year I was also working on some other things that may have made it just feel busier.

My husband and I are going out to do the very last of christmas shopping tonight--so far it's all been online and I love that.  I also love the relief (if that is the right word) of not having to apeshit now that my son is older.  It't really true that '18' is a magic number somehow.

I hope everyone is doing great with sales and productiveness and christmasness!


  1. Everything is beautiful. I just love the earrings with the beer can bezels. Have you tried photographing the black lace earrings on a gray background? I do that when I have a piece that includes both light and dark colors.

    I'm done shopping, some purchased online, some purchased at the stores. Now I'm wrapping them, and then on to a long grocery list for a fun-filled evening at the grocery store.

    As for my sales, well they've been way down from two years ago. The bad economy is to blame for that, plus I have not done my normal home shows. I hope 2013 is a better year, because 2012 was pitiful in terms of sales.

    I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Chrismas!!!

    1. You are brilliant. I always think white spectrums are the best for photographing everything, even though intellectually I know better. I just happen to have a grey velvet thing to try out--I will do that tomorrow. I can;t even bring myself to list these because the photos bug me so bad. thanks!

  2. Love the rat hands-so cute! And the beer can bezels. Take care.