Saturday, April 7, 2012

50% off Easter Clearance Sale at Etsy

I'm having a 'last page' clearance sale at my shop. I took several items on my last page, reduced them by half, and renewed. I'll be relisting more selected items from my last page, and if there is anything you see on it you're interested in, convo me or leave a message here because I am wheelin' and dealin'. Make your own Easter deal. Let's negotiate.

I really, really want to get my listings down to a more manageable number. I haven't been renewing things as they expire, but I must have not been in a listing frenzy exactly four months ago (sounds right--that seems to be when I got pretty slammed with some pig projects and large bead and wholesale orders) because it seems like nothing is expiring.
Chandeliers featuring some of my millefiori polymer clay beads, now $20.

I have over 200 things listed, over 100 things in my inactive listings (various reasons: on consignment at a shop, sold things that were compiled in another listing, things that just needed a change and are awaiting remodeling, etc...) and 57 things in my expired listings. Some should be renewed, but the photography doesn't match my recent, better look, so they need to be reshot, and I guess that's not at the top of my priority list.

So it seems I have made a decision on some level that I value the overall aesthetic of my front page Etsy shop over practicality.

I did just relist those last page clearance items without even considering reshooting, though, so maybe the 'clearance sale' factor cancels out or somehow rationalizes the placement of inferior photos on my front page. I have to analyze everything. Can be annoying.

Whatever the case, there are a lot of things at the most inexpensive prices they will ever be, so go take a look! One of my favorite multi-strand necklaces is included in the sale!

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  1. "pig projects"=big projects. Hee hee. Pigs on the brain.