Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last Call: Giveaway Drawing

I've been distracting myself while I've had a bit of a cold the last several days with rearranging and remodeling my studio workspace/supplies storage and also building fancy eccentric rat mansion cages out of wire with my friend--it just occurred to me when I glanced at the time and saw the date that it is already Friday the 13th--the date I will be closing the entries for the giveaway! That went quickly.

So--I will let the entries run until about 10pm or so Friday and then gather all the names & # of entries for each name and do a random drawing. The winner will get their choice of a set of my handmade polymer clay beads or a pair of custom 'bead stack' style earrings.

I had a set of 10 rustic faceted beads in mind (shown in the photo) but since I will be making them to order, they could be another style of my beads. Roundabout value is 20$.


Scroll down to the post entitled "Giveaway" for more details, but in short, to enter the drawing you can:

1. "Like" my facebook page. (Click here. You'll see a button under the big picture that says 'Like." Click that.)

2. Follow me on Twitter. (Click here. Click the white button that says 'Follow.') Then tweet about my giveaway with linkage.

3. Follow this blog. (Scroll down this page a bit and on the left sidebar there's a blue button that says, 'Join this site.' Click that.)


Each thing will get you a chance in the drawing, so there are up to three chances. I originally asked people to leave a comment either here or at my facebook page letting me what they did, but I can easily count them all so if you didn't take that step, don't worry--I will be careful and make sure every entry is counted.

I'll do the drawing with folded paper ballots and announce the winner on my blog and at my facebook page sometime in the evening this Saturday. I'll try to find a novel way of doing the drawing and tape it if everything allows.

Please let me know if anything is unclear and I will clarify!


  1. Just sneeked in I hope, I'm following you under my real name- Marcia on pinterest and FB, basically neither site likes my etsy name, and I'm already following your blog. So good luck everyone xx

  2. have fun with the drawing as it seems like it can be just that, fun! the shadow box should be on it's way to me. just a bit of more fun. thank you for starting this. <3

  3. I made a blog post about the giveaway and started following your twitter and FB...I also started following your blog which I thought I already was. Thanks for offering a giveaway.

  4. Got you all--getting ready to do the drawing.