Friday, April 6, 2012

Pig n' Bead Preview

Pig Beads!

I struggled getting the tails right but now they're my favorite part...

Earthy appliques...

Gradiated tone faux earthenware lookin' chunks...

Trio o' ancient nuggets...

Smoky millefiori rondelle chunks...

Pair o' swirlers...

I'll have them all listed by late late late late late late tonight! I'm going to make a ton more of the pig beads; that was super fun. I'll even entertain requests for other members of the animal kingdom. The fatter the better.


  1. I like the colors and rusticity of this batch. It looks like you're on to something here, Richelle. Animals were always hard for me to do with the glass. I tend to melt the extremities and then they're all mutant like. I think your marbly ones are winners especially that color combo.
    I'm not sure if I suceeded in sending traffic your way or not to your fb page but I hope you're getting lots of likes. I don't know if you saw that I have a page too under Numinositybeads.
    xoxo Kim

  2. The set up is confusing--I can really only easily view people who have liked the page that are already my fb friends. I mean, I knew you'd liked the page... I've been doing so many twittery, bloggy, pinteresty, facebooky things for several days now that everything looks impossible to me. Anyway, I looked you up on fb, found your page, liked it, and saw your post about liking my page. Thanks!

  3. Squeeeeeling awesome piggies..... like the rustic angle you have going as well.

  4. love love the trio o' ancient nuggets! well all of them :)

  5. Those pigs are darling, and I'm loving crusty, ancient looking beads!!!!!

  6. Thanks, guys. I have become stupidly attached to the pigs. It seems the graduate tone earthy set of 10 is a chick magnet and took off with several repins at Twitter.

    Still, I have a feeling the trio of ancient lookin beads will be the first to sell.