Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm on a bit of a roll making and listing things. I got these things finished last night and I'll be listing them tonight. These earrings above have some supply exchange beads--the aventurine (?) chips and the lovely gilded-looking shell rounds.

These are shield-style--they are fashioned so they hang sideways. I make a lot of earrings in this style--I like that they can be really wide. It's kind of tricky photographing them hanging well though, because the earwires require some situating so that they can be seen hanging along their full, most striking wide sides.

I've struggled generally with getting the 'how they look hanging' earring shots in general, but I've been using a propped up book cover and it seems to work well. Not for these, though.

In general, I don't like using or seeing food receptacles like teacups or bowls in jewelry photos, so I've never really considered using something like that. But I was recently looking at the preview page for the upcoming Jewelry Affaire issue (looking to see if I could spy my earrings that were accepted for that issue! But they weren't in the preview...) and I noticed their use of clear bottles and such as props. I like the idea of the clarity and the unobtrusiveness of the prop.

I happened to have an empty mason jar on my desk, so I hung the shields on the lid bail, and it seems like it worked. I was also able to use it to show a 'head-on-' view, so I think I'll be keeping the jar next to my photography table and see if it'll be something to work with ongoing.
These have the bone lotus beads that have been pretty popular, and the middle glass beads I gave a little surface treatment to try to mimic the glow of Roman glass.

Below: Not sure if this will be viewable. I dragged it in, and sometimes these don't show up. I can see it but no one else can. I've temporarily lost the ability to 'save images' and file them, so this is as good as it gets for now. Anyway--this is a pair of earrings I purchased from ettamorphisis

I first saw her shop when someone mentioned she'd listed some pieces using polymer clay beads she'd purchased from me. There's some good design with unique elements happening there. She's got a donation going for a couple more weeks, through the 31st. New annoyance: I can't copy and paste and change the font color so it shows up on my black background. Highlight the textblock below to read it, or click on her shop link below. Here's what she's written:

25% of all sale will be donated to the town of Henryville here in Indiana. On Friday, March 2nd tornadoes completely leveled the close knit, small town; there were multiple deaths. I grew up just a few miles north of Henryville where my parents still reside.
Just make your purchase as usual and I'll take care of the rest, many thanks and God bless!

25% Of Sales Donated To Henryville,IN Vintage Oxidized Metal Hoop and Beaded Rustic Boho Assemblage Earrings


  1. Those are Labradorite chips. Sorry, I didn't label them.

    I've really enjoyed seeing what you've made with the supplies I sent you. Some had been in my stash forever and I love finally seeing them used in beautiful pieces.

  2. Thanks--I am just shocked! I am going to have to question everything I thought I knew about labradorite. I wouldn't have expected you to label them--nothing I ever have is labeled...

    I'll go change the description. I really love the things you sent. Thanks so much!