Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finally some new items are up...

I've finally got some new items up. I've been working on some really big extracurricular-to-Etsy jewelry projects and been pretty removed from my normal routine of making and listing tons of things. Nicely and unexpectedly, my sales have still been pretty steady. I love the idea of whittling the number of items down in my shop. At one point, I had over 300. I'm down to 210, and would like to get it down to a more manageable and concise 100.

I've not been renewing items as they expire, but including them as extras in return customers packages here and there as I think they might be welcomed.

The bracelet above includes beads from the dandy Dollar Bead store I wrote about in another post and also a couple red plastic moonstones that I got from the wonderful and generous Ms. Mikala in the exchange. The earrings also include beads she sent--the little mustard enamel metal ovals and the red glass. She said she went through my favorites on Etsy to see what kind of things I was looking at and what my taste is! It worked. I got so many great things. I'm always finding that items from the same source, no matter how seemingly incongruous, always find a place together in my pieces. Maybe it's just a matter of proximity--they're all out together so they get used together. But I've found they still work their way in together after getting sorted and stored.


  1. good see you working again..everyone needs a break, I think that I am in need of the mine too..
    hugs Ri, beautiful pieces, love the earrings!