Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shadow Exchange and a Silly Dance

Just wanted to see if this thing would allow me to upload a video. It's my son doing a silly dance a few years ago.

He just completed the GED test this week and it seemed appropriate. I made the movie after accidentally discovering I had a movie editor on my laptop. I think I used my peephole photography technique as an experiment to see if it would work on a movie. His class will be graduating high school in a few months, so he's nicely finished a bit early. We've done a combo of online high school through American Academy and BYU Independent Study (no we're not Mormons, but we are from Utah; proximity is everything, I guess) and homeschooling for his entire high school experience. We're all looking forward to getting on with college classes now.

Anyway, I thought I'd make an updated post regarding the shadow exchange. The other post has the latest info in the comments section, and I'm not sure how many people are following that.

The latest sighting has the hugely overstuffed box almost in the anxious hands of Chelsea. Who will send it to-->


Does everyone concur? So say we all? So mote it be? Engage!

If anyone wants to take photos of the loot--please do! I really regret I didn't. Let's post comments here for updates and questions and such. Can't wait to get the thing back to see what's in it!


  1. I didn't take any pictures. But the box is now safely on its way to Jackie!

  2. Love the happy dance, I'm doing one now as my son that got his GED 11 years ago instead of finishing 10th grade just started his first semester in college at age 28 and is doing exceptionally well. I'm so pleased as it was a hard decision to accept him dropping out back then. He just had to find his own way.
    xoxo Kim

  3. I think everyone has to find their own path...we just decided to homeschool our almost 4 year old....he would be waaaaaay too bored....and miss the art studio!!! He's an amazing little jeweler! Have a great day all. Congrats on your sons schooling :) ps...I want to see loot pics

  4. hmmm. i'll try to remember the pics when it gets to my neck of the woods. yippee. should be soon. <3

  5. Bravo all you homeschoolers! School has been a traumatic nightmare for my youngest two kids.
    Kim, your son might have been more right than you knew...
    Janet (the willow one)

  6. Congrats to your son! We homeschooled my's the right way to go!

    I got the box this morning and will be taking it to the post office tomorrow. I took pictures but I don't know how to post them. If someone can tell me how, I'll put them up. Here's the tracking number if you want to watch where it is. :) Tracking # 9101150134711279373618

    ...Jackie xo

  7. Here's a link to the photo I took of the box before I took anything out.
    I hope the link works.

  8. Wow!
    There is so much stuff! (The link worked!) I only see a few things from the original box I stuffed.