Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Update: I was having a giveaway to get some followers at my facebook page. However, someone alerted me to the fb rules, and although I believe I was still within the bounds, I've changed the game to avoid any issues. So--I would really appreciate people liking my facebook page, but it is not a condition of the giveaway now. Of course anyone already having done such will be entered in the giveaway.

Here are the prizes:
*A choice of a pair of custom made "bead stack" style earrings
*A set of ten handmade polymer clay beads. I had the faceted beads shown in the photo above in mind, but you could also choose a sampler mix or another type of bead. Check out my sold listings and current listings of handmade beads to get an idea of the types of beads I make. Note that some of the beads are a bit more specialized, but you can mix and match. My beads average about $2 each, so I will set the value of the bead giveaway at $20.

For one entry/chance to win, you can:

1.)make a blog post about my giveaway,


2.) follow me on twitter and retweet the post there about the giveaway,


3.) Follow my blog if you aren't already.

Here are the links:

Again--for a chance to win:

*Follow me on Twitter and retweet my tweet about this giveaway
*Make a blog post about this giveaway with all the links and details (it could also just link back to this blog post)
*Follow my blog if you aren't already.

Of these three things, each will equal a chance to win in a drawing. So, you get up to three chances to win. Think of another promo-oriented-thing and I will give other chances, too.
Leave a comment here with a link if you make a blog post, and/or follow me here or on twitter or fb, so I can go see! I will tally the entries by looking at the comments in this post and counting the notices about blog posts, and also counting the retweets and followers from twitter and blog followers so I don't leave anything out.

I'll close the giveaway on Friday the 13th, and announce the winner the following day.

Let me know if anything needs clarification...


  1. I love your goodies and was happy to share the love! Here's my blog post http://turtlegrassbody.tumblr.com/ and I also followed you on FB. I'll retweet it as well.


  2. Thank you, Laura! I also love really good handmade soap so I will be checking out your items (do you ever do lily of the valley, tuberose, or linden scents?)
    I also should have mentioned becoming a blog follower here will get another chance in the drawing.
    You've got 2 entries! Thank you!

  3. I just joined your page but I think I heard that giveaways on FB to get followers are against the TOU's so be careful but i think if you maybe can get around it through the blog somehow as long as it's a blog giveaway and not a fb giveaway which is maybe what you're already doing....aw i don't know! I'm confused. Just don't announce it on fb I think and then you don't have to worry.
    `Best of luck I will recommend it in any case.
    xoxo Kim

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  5. I just looked over the rules at Facebook and you can't hold a giveaway for liking a post or photo, but you can for liking a page.

    1. I updated the dynamics to avoid issues at fb--see revised blog post. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Oh good, I didn't want to feel like I was raining on your parade, especially because it's a parade I want to be a part of!
    I posted a promotion on my page so I hope you get some traffic.
    xoxo Kim

  7. uhm. gee, i'm lost. but then again, i've had some wine. so, you have a fb page that i should like? 'cause i already like ya here! imma gonna go check now. good vibes. :) xoxo

  8. I live in upstate NY, so believe me, I am always prepared for rain. I'm quite glad you mentioned it--I don't want any trouble. I read the rules and I was technically legit, but you know. I don't want the bead police or the earring authorities on my tail.

    It's better this way anyway, because it makes it really super confusing as artistic reju can attest to!
    I'm going to be doing a roll call of entries/chances on friday the 13th.

  9. I’d love to enter this...joined your facebook page..am a follower.
    On another note...I received shadow exchange box but cannot find anywhere
    Mikala’s blog , etsy, email address...Does anyone reading this know it...Mikala?
    where are you.

  10. She was my partner for the exchange, so I've got her info. I'll email her with your email address! Say your facebook post--you're entered!

  11. If you receive this twice, I apologize.
    short version


    This is my first time entering/posting for a give-away!

  12. Blog post about your giveaway here: http://eclecticteaenshrinements.blogspot.com/2012/04/give-away-by-shipwreck-dandy.html

    Also, liked you on FB too! :)

  13. I love those faceted beads of your! I've been seeing them all over blogland.

    I'm already a follower of your blog, and I've liked you on FB.