Monday, March 26, 2012

No way! Way!

Busted again.

We made another tape cast again last night and this one turned out very usable. We actually made two--this one is the first one we did and despite having amended the process the second time around last night, the first one still came out better.

One thing I'm learning is that with some practice, it would be possible to create extremely high quality forms within a relatively short time. For now, this is good enough for me.

Again, this is made using the ideas and general techniques from the video tutorials on this site:

The difference is that I decoupaged it with Mod Podge and various tissue papers. It looks really cool when backlit, very translucent and glowing, but the jewelry doesn't show up well.
Necklaces hang pretty well on it--at least it gives a roundabout idea of how they'll look when worn.
It's not compltely finished--I ran out of Mod Podge last night. I've never run out of Mod Podge before. It was weird; kind of like the feeling of running out of salt for the very first time ever after you get your own apartment when you're 20.

Because I wan't able to complete the decoupaging in a few areas (not seen here) I also haven't cut the edge flat along the bottom, at the neck or arms, either. But with some cropping and blurring, I've already used the bust in a photo for a necklace in one of my Etsy listings.

If anyone ends up trying the technique, don't hesitate to ask me questions about the process. I've made three of these now, and I've got some tips to share for sure.


  1. That's funny you did this...I found a tutorial this morning and thought it looked like a perfect torso husband thought I was nuts!!! Yours look awesome

  2. You know, I've been wanting a model hand for a while. Do you suppose this same technique could be applied to the more persnickety surface areas of fingers?

  3. I think it could be done on a hand, but the smaller and finer a model, the more difficult it becomes to capture detail. My advice would be to not use the saran wrap step on the hand--that was the most difficult part of the cast (first one shown below I didn't use saran wrap--but it is gross--acts like a giant Biore strip. On a hand though, even though the tape touches the skin, you can have your model wash and scrub their hands with salt prior to taping so nothing sticks.) You'll just have to cut the tape in slender strips to get all the detail around the fingers. And then likely make the cuts along each finger to remove it. It's an amazingly quick process, and you learn a ton about how you can do it better the first time. try it for sure!