Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cobweb clearance...

Wow, it's been a long time since I last blogged.  Last time I mentioned I was 'clearing cobwebs...'
and that was quite prophetic.  It's been a very transitional last few weeks; not in an event-sense though, just an inner sense.  In a really good way.  I came across a meditation technique that has really been....transformative.  It just sounds abstract when I start trying to articulate, though, so I'm letting it all bake for now.  
My head has been pretty nice and empty which is new and startling for me because it's usually pretty overloaded.  I'm going with it.  I have nothing very insightful to say.  Which doesn't make for engaging blogging.  But I have been working like crazy, so I have some pretty things to show.  Trying out new things with the cold process 'glazes' on the polymer beads and also combining techniques with shapes, painting, the facets, colorings, etc.

Most of the things I'm showing here are either listed or sold.  A couple are coming soon.  The season change is once again switching the light dynamics around, so I need to figure out when to shoot.  It's been so bright.

These are a custom 'remake' of a pair that sold.  I used pipnmolly's cool soldered wire look as inspiration on the connectors and mimicked it with liquid polymer clay and a dusting of silver leaf paint.  I like the webbed look of it.  'Cobwebs' again, see?

I have a project in mind--a tutorial for this painted polymer bead technique seen here: 
I think it'll be a good tutorial because it requires no artistic skill whatsoever and yields a really pretty effect that looks like it probably required artistic skill.  What do you think?  
 This above is a set with lots of mixed techniques.  One of my favorite bead sets I've offered.  I would totally buy it if I didn't make it.

Whites.  These made me feel like I want to try to mimic the dyed bone bead strand vibe with polymer beads.
Go see!


  1. guddurnit, i wish you'd stop making these pretty things and putting them in front of me. I'm trying to get rid of stuff not get more..! But the little pink scratchy spots and the flowers and the facets....eeee

    1. Super ugly things coming up at your request!

  2. 1st the rose-shaped beads BLEW MY MIND. then ... so are you telling me those earring findings arent soldered? they're ... polymered? mind blown. i cant get over it! i think you should make a tute for the facet beads for sure. people would buy that in droves. also the roses, omg.

  3. Yes, the steel chandelier connectors have clear liquid polymer clay baked right on and then I applied silver leaf paint with a dry brush. I told you to go get that stuff!

    I am loving the roses too--thanks so much. I have no idea why I waited so long to make them in this smaller size. I guess I thought it would be so much harder than the big ones. But it wasn't. I'm not sure I have the technique down enough to do tute for the roses though. I think I'm going to start with the paint technique.