Friday, August 16, 2013

Polies & Clowns

Quick post to show you some new style polymer beads I've been making...
 Circus Party Beads....
 Flower Party Beads.... Yes, that's right; for some reason they're party beads, whatever that means...
 Clown Party...Clearly I have lost my mind...
 But don't they look like a Clown Party?  I actually HAD a real clown party when I turned 5 or 6.  My dad knew a real live clown.  I've got photos of about 100 kids smiling and jumping around me while I am sitting in the middle of the crew pouting with my arms crossed, totally pissed off about something.  I'll see if I can find the picture--it's pretty funny.  It's hard to be 5.
 You might be surprised to know how many clown-related incidents I've had in my life.  I have been approached twice now in restaurants by actual card-carrying clowns wanting to show us magic tricks.  I'm a clown magnet.  They literally had clown business cards.  Two separate incidents, with two different clowns, in different states. And they weren't working at the restaurant as entertainers.  I do make it a habit to avoid restaurants that would even consider employing clowns to approach people while eating dinner. I bet it would be hard to even find a restaurant that does that.

One business card is a fake million dollar bill with the clown's picture on it.  It's a very unprofessional business card, but that is part of the clown gig.  I've got it on my fridge.  I'll take a picture of it.  Several more clown stories, but I will spare you because I know some people have a real fear of clowns.  Down with clowns.
 Some prims with the new glaze technique....
 And another in the Fictional Planet series.  Here we have a tribute to the Ice Moon of Andoria sculpted out of polymer clay.  Ta-DAAA!!!!
 Some stormy guys here.
These aren't up yet--I'm feeling like the photos make them look too saturated in color.  Have to look at them again.  Might need to redo photos.  Weird lighting lately; stormy all the time.  Go see all my new beads!


  1. I love the texture and inventiveness of your beads. Clown magnet, Ha!

  2. the party ones and the last ones all looked somehow edible, lol! but gorgeous as usual. the pale glaze is really something.