Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Coupon Code for Blog Readers...

 I've got some new polymer bead sets in the supply shop.  Some pastel floral domes^
 These moon men are back with new photos.
 These are back too. Now a pair instead of a quad.
 Another Rose Party set is available.
 More of the glazed.  That big one I've shown before--pre-glazing.  It's one of the very first polymer clay beads I ever made using a handmade mold.  I made it about 11 years ago.
 Some brown prims...
These are my favorite.  They got snatched up today.
 Some end-of-day drums...
 This got snatched up too.  More coming soon.
 A new type of the ever-popular small rustic glass beads.  I had about 100 strands and I'm down to 8.  Unfortunately, I think that well is dry.  But these are the same general size but shiny.  And there are a tooooooon of them.  A 52+ inch strand.  Beads for days.
 Oh no--this looks blurry.
The yellow glass beads are exceedingly vibrant.  I got them in Kansas last year.  They remind me of corncobs, but I don't think they're supposed to be corn.
 Some altered 80s era post earrings; enameled leaves.  Pierre Cardin or something  fancy.  Love the rust.  Sealed well.
 Experimental macrame bracelet.  I know--where's the macrame?  Well--everywhere. It's in the lay of the beads. Let the river answer.  Does this need a rhinestone or something pink on it to femme it up?  I thought that light blue button would do it, but I'm leaning toward some rhinestone charms now.  I hate that I don't catch this until after photos sometimes.
 Finally, a card.  My son's shop is still not open.  It's amazing how long we're taking.  But he's got card sets going on now, with handmade envelopes and everything.  I've been giving him ideas.
I made this using nothing but scraps and doodles.  Never throw anything away; almost everything can be reincorporated.  Often the most interesting things were never meant to be seen.  See them and use them anyway.

Goal is to have his shop open within a week from today.  I will certainly let everyone know.

This week is my town's annual 'Canal Days' celebration.  I suppose they are celebrating...the canal in town.  It's the second highest one in the world.  Erie canal.  Coupon code: CANALDAYS for 15% off  CANALDAYZ for 15% off anything/everything in my supply shop through the 11th. (My apologies to anyone who tried to use it and got 10% off--I guess I just mistyped it at Etsy.  Always meant 15% off!)  Use the new code with the Z at the end! 15%off.)

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