Monday, June 3, 2013


I've got some new things in my supply shop.  Some hand dyed suede cord--dusty raspberry above, and mottled lavender below.  I love both for different reasons.  The raspberry looks so antique-velvety, and the lavender is super worn and ruined-looking.  The lavender has all sold.  There'll be more.  ("There'll?  Is that a real contraction?"  Must be.  But I say "thell."  Thell be more.)

Anyway, you can't really see it in the photos, but the raspberry has a tiny bit of glitter in it.  I've been experimenting a lot with different fabric paints, and I have this Tulip brand spray fabric glitter. It's great because the base is clear and the only thing that shows up is the glitter.  It's a great way to apply glitter permanently in one step.  I love glitter but hate glitter shedding.  I'm going to try using it on beads and metal.  Fabric paint pens and regular sprays are wonderful permanent colors for lots of things besides fabric.

 More of the altered shell heishi.  No reserve on this guy.  He's waiting for his forever home.
 Another black rose polymer focal.  I made all of them in the same sitting months ago and they all came out so different.  Coming soon.  Also coming soon are a trove of crazy black and white polymer beads--I've got a new millefiori technique going on.  I actually can't wait to see them in the photos and all magnified and close up.  Often it's like seeing them for the first time.
 More colorwashed painted tribal clay yellow beads...
 What am I going to do when all my plain mixed bone bead strands are all dyed and sold and gone?  It's nearing the end.  I do have thousands, maybe trillions, of old mop buttons.  I've dyed them lots, usually just with black because I love the iridescence through the gray--looks like a thunderstorm.  But I strung some like heishi and soaked them in brown and they came out cool.  Buttons are really just multi-holed beads, after all.
And finally, some more dyed chunky vintage wood beads.

 I wonder if this will show up.  I tried dragging the picture from a site.  Can't ever get that to work right but I can actually see it.  This is my new yummy night tea with no caffeine.  If you like really strong flavors, you'll love it.  It tastes just like the 1970s to me.  Try it and you'll see.


  1. I LOVE your beads. The colors, the stacking you did with the buttons, all of it. Wonderful work! And I love Good Earth tea, too. In fact, I'm out of tea and you just inspired me on what to get next! xoxo J xoxo

  2. Love everything thing too....your workin on a groovy thing as the song goes...

    The tea...oh yes! try it don’t need any sugar cause of all the cinnamon in it..