Tuesday, May 7, 2013

catching up...

Interstellar polymer clay beads
 I feel so behind on everything.  Taking the couple weeks off didn't really make a dent in anything.  Mostly I just rearranged where the beads are.  It was a little satisfying but I don't feel any sense of new efficiency.  As a matter of fact, it's kind of less efficient because I'm not as familiar where everything is now.  But I had a little epiphany as I was going through something in my office.  It's not the supplies that are making me feel overwhelmed, it's the actual things I have for sale.  It's not the studio that's the problem--it's the office.  And I didn't even touch it yet.  So I have a lot of work to do.
 At least it's more straightforward and obvious.  The supplies are more abstract.  A lot of this sounds abstract probably.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I also sell used and rare books & media on Amazon in addition to the jewelry and supplies at Etsy.  So I literally have like 10,000 items listed for sale in various venues.  And they're all relatively small which is good, but small can also mean fussy and chaotic in regard to storage.   Every item is located in one room.  And just superficially it kind of looks a little bit organized--everything is contained and in a logical place.  But it has reached some kind of critical mass where I don't really know what it where anymore like I used to.  Plus when things expire (like jewelry.  You should see some of the stuff that is still in there.) or aren't profitable anymore (like some of the books/vhs.  I have some books and videos that are listed with very big pricetags that have now outlasted the profit window and will never sell.  Those need to be unlisted and carted off somewhere.  I'd estimate half or more of my stock either needs to be discarded or relisted.  That's something I would have done when books was my main aim.  But it's all been on the back burner since I focused on jewelry.)
 I have been rambling on more than usual lately.  Sleeping issues.  Anyway, my supply shop is back up and I've listed some new things.  The space beads above, and these floral above and below.  Great debate on facebook the other night when I asked what color these below were.  Totally looked like a muddy seafoam or mint to me.  But I knew that meant they were probably plain grey.  But I had to ask because my husband was alseep and my son is worse than I am.  Plus there is always a chance they actually could have a hint of green.  The overwhelming consensus is that they are very, very plain old grey.
 And it makes me feel a little gullible because I swear to god I now see them as grey.  But I do still see how I saw the green in them, and I also can still see the green in them *in theory.*  It's just very creepy to me that "knowing" something or buying in to an agreed-upon appointment actually changes the way I perceive something.  In this case, I feel like it's kind of helpful, and it helps me further learn how to judge more correctly colors in this range, but I can't tell you how unsettling it is to see something one way, and then have it actually morph physically.  And knowing that the morphing is not objectively real, but is due to (when you deconstruct it) symbols I saw on my computer screen (the words people were typing in telling me these are grey.) But I think i must use something like a psychic placeholder with colors like these. Schrödinger's beads.  The beads are neither grey nor green in my eyes until I ask.  Still kind of creepy to see influence affecting perception in action like that.
 See what I mean?  Rambling more.  These above and below aren't listed quite yet.  I haven't even worked on some of the photos yet.  But it was very bright so they turned out ok.  The light has changed quite a bit since I last took photos a couple weeks ago.  The floral ones above were made using my applique-millefiori crossover technique.  I keep mean to check to see if this is a common technique.  If not, I should do a tutorial on it.  I bet it's not actually made up by me though.
 So bright.
 Not sure I'm loving these as a set.  They seem more special in person.  I'll add more to the set before I list, I think. Or maybe I'll carve some facets and alter.  The millefiori is too common.
 Available now, above and below.
 This one below has sold.  I have many more strands to list.  Many.
 These below are not listed yet.  After the strands I've got to list and then one more round of to-be dyed strands, I fear that may be the end of the hand dyed bone beads.  My source is out of stock.  I hope it's temporary.  No way to tell.
 to be listed below.
 And then there are like 15 more strands in addition to these.  Maybe more.  But if you'd like rounds or flat discs, better snatch them up because they are the rarest.
 Destash strand listed now.  I make these when I just want to clear off my work table.  Sometimes later I look at them and wonder what I was thinking.  I see I included some good dyed ceramic, bone & wood beads here.  But then I remember I did it because I just needed to clear off the damn table, and that is the true value.

Again, I appreciate patience for the giveaway.  I am going at everything with a snail's pace.  I will absolutely do it this week  I'll see if I can enlist one of the rats.  I just had a vision with Sticks wearing a little tophat.  Ok, next post, giveaway announcement!  It's still open--scroll down a few posts to enter.

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  1. In a strange way I like to read your long posts, although it is hard for me to read English, especially in a small mobile telephone screen. But what is grey? There are all colors in it.