Saturday, April 27, 2013

Coupon Code--Shop is Back

It doesn't look very springlike, does it?  I took this photo out of my photography-area window the day I turned my vacation settings on my shops two weeks ago.  There is a bit of green now and some full blown flowering even, but it still just doesn't look or feel like we've actually made a full descent into spring.

I have turned my jewelry shop back on, but the supply shop is still going to be off for a few more days until I get where I need to be to feel organized and ready.  It has been very slow-going with the overhaul.  I got a late start and then when I really started, I realized there is just no getting by without going through the bits and pieces.  So it's like there are two tasks: a general reorganization of the space itself and the reorganization of the actual supplies.

Thanks for all your thoughts about Amos.  We are now focusing on getting his companion Squiggy introduced to Sticks and Tarts so he can share their cage.  Rats need other rats.  They're pretty comfortable with each other now in neutral space, so now we get to slowly have Squig test out their cage.  Rats are also extremely territorial with very rigid social orders, even in just pairs.  And it's extra hard for Squiggy because he is a natural alpha personality and a very large rat, but he is lowest on the rung because he was brought in as a baby in a cage with Amos and Boris.  And now he's being put in a cage as a new kid.  I wondered if he'd try to assert himself with Sticks and Tarts, but he is very respectful of the established social order.

Thanks too, for being patient with the giveaway.  I intended to do it during the last week, but just have not been able to get to it.  This week for sure.  Still accepting comments--scroll down to enter on that blog post.

***Here's a coupon code for 20% off anything in my jewelry shop: SQUIGGERS ***

Good through May 2nd.


  1. I'm about to do a big cleaning/organizing today. I even had a couple gulps of 5hr energy to get me going.... so now I'm on line as you can see, vry productive. my love to the little beady-eyed, wiskery babies.