Saturday, February 16, 2013 your primitive best...

Many more bead sets listed and many more to come in the next couple days.

 Some slightly pricier faceted ones in a set here.  Each facet is colored post-curing using color pencils and Sharpie markers.  It's kind of time consuming but fun and trance-inducing.  Gloss finish.
 These above were made as part of a custom order.  For some reason, the smaller they are, the glossier the coating looks.
 Above are some dark glittery nuggets.
 Pinched glittered nuggets...
 Chocolate primitive rounds.
 Altered chandelier earring connectors.
 Red and white rose nuggets.
 Guardian of Forever focal.
 Carved, twisted chunks.
 Super grungy cream rounds.
Creamy grey stripes.

I've gone through three boxes of the Bengal Spice tea since I last posted!  I also bought some decaf Earl Grey and decaf black tea with chai spices and have been indulging in those too, but it's the super strong Bengal Spice I've been craving.

Oh yeah, coming soon are some really cool photos of my aunt foraging in the Arizona desert for Apache Tears!  She sent me a whole bunch of them so I'll show you.  They are really gorgeous!

The song Arabian Nights has been playing constantly in my mind since I received the Apache Tears. My unconscious/subconscious is often quite pun-oriented, and at first I thought perhaps the simple connection of the word 'Apache' to the 'Sioux' of 'Siouxsie' was the connection, or maybe just the similar look of the words 'Apache Tears' and 'Arabian Nights' (because I visualize all words like reading in a book in my head when I'm thinking/speaking or listening to people speak) but tonight I thought I'd listen to the song to see if that would help get it out of my head.  I went to youtube and realized the video is very desert-scenic; I actually don't remember ever viewing a video for this song--just listening to it constantly.  Pretty bad video! But I must have seen it because some of the imagery/desert colors reminds me very much of the photos my Aunt sent.  I've also been missing the landscape of the Old West lately...


  1. Good ol' Siouxsie! You know, a long time ago I used to play Harry Potter role playing games, and I played Bellatrix a few times. I used Siouxsie's face for my avatar, because she fit so well, and the two boys made perfect Rabastan and Rodolphus. All of which makes no sense unless you're a bit Potty for Potter, like I am.

    I've been keen for desert landscapes lately, which is odd because not only do I have no connection for them, I hate the heat! The only 'old west' I like is Somerset!

    1. The Old West is drilled into my soul. And Victorian Cowtowns. You know, the whole Harry Potter thing came around right as my son was in about 1st-2nd grade, and it was such a big deal and so everywhere. His school had an official quidditch class even. We read all the books together--it started out me reading the first one to him, then when the next one came out he'd be at a different reading level, so we'd take turns with chapters, then he'd read them to me. We were reading them together like that clear through moving here to NY, so he would have been 13 then. The Harry Potter books lasted literally his entire childhood. It was great. But I confess I really wan't that into it! I think it was just the context of it being part of the kidlife part of my life. But the other day I actually knew something about Harry Potter! I weirdly called one of our rats "Scabbers." And then I said, "oh my god--what IS that? Is that from Harry Potter?" My son said, 'no, what are you talking about!?" So we looked it up and not only is it from Harry Potter, but it's the Weasly kid's pet RAT! But you probably knew that.

  2. it rained apache tears in tent rocks thousands of years ago and the arroyos run with them. beautiful. right by my school on the reservation and protected land, so no taking, but beautiful to see.

    1. I completely love the tears. I really need to put them by my photog. table to get the photos! I think they have magic.