Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 More Buddha beads are listed.
 Some creamy neutrals too.
And some earrings featuring my polymer clay beads and metal cut from an old brass jewelry box.
I've got these new things in the shop and many more waiting in the wings.  Such as..
 A green beaded choker.
 Starry Kansas button earrings.  Ad astra per aspera.
 Some chandeliers featuring some really great iridescent tiny glass baroque pearls and my polymer leaf beads
 These aren't actually new, but I'm retaking photos of some older pieces.
 A pair of poly rose beads.  Will anyone buy just two?  We'll see.  I'm finding that smaller sets are purchased along with larger sets.  I shop this same way, I think, "what else is here that I might pick up and take advantage of the combined shipping..."  Do you?  I think I'll make the combined shipping free on the smaller sets as an incentive and also because I don't think it actually costs more to ship by adding the couple lightweight beads in.  Of course the shipping fee is also a 'handling' fee, which of course...I'm overanalyzing it.  Free combined shipping for small sets of beads.
 My longest earrings yet.  Just a tad over 4.5 inches, so they're not super duper long, but kind of long for me.  I wear longer earrings, but usually don't go over the 4 inch mark.
More beads even.  Olive swirlers.

And there is even more yet unphotographed.  Really focusing on the beads in order to temper my output.  I did come up with a cool millefiori technique last night but by the time I really got it down it was too late to bake them.  I'll do that tonight and take the technique a bit further with the colors.

It's raining today and it feels like spring rain.  All through this summer and this past spring I feel like it has never truly *felt* like the right season.  During spring it was still so cold that it felt like a fall season transit.  I know the whole country baked like crazy this summer but we had it pretty mild until July, and by then we were vacationing in Kansas where it was like 111 degrees, and we missed the bad heat here and the critical no-rain standoff which ruined everyone's gardens and crops.  In general, I've felt a sense of seasonal/weather displacement.  I always have to stop and try to remember what season it is.  That today brings a sense of spring so close to fall is nutty.


  1. I love all your beads! The green choker and pink earrings are fabulous. Well all of them are but those are my favorites.

    I shop like you to take advantage of combined shipping.

    Have a great week!

  2. I love your beads, and those earrings made from the old jewelry box. OH and the long earrings. Yep, it's all working for me. Hah! xoxo Juliette

  3. Everything looking wonderful... We are having a heatwave and I hate the
    heat...but it looks like Fall is in the air...can’t wait much longer..

  4. Your photos and work are really hitting their stride here. Love the asymmetrical wire pink design.
    Seasons... we tend to the extreme here, We lost all of the leaves to the windstorm that's been raging the last three days. We live in a windy place due to being near the mountains but shit blew over and away that's been standing for 15 years in our yard. It's weirdly warm though... talking 50's here, could be snowing... will be sticking by the first week of October.
    I'm trying to take advantage of not having to heat the studio too much and marathon out some supplies. Soon enough I'll be confined to the house to make jewelry.

  5. You are too clever - love the beads and just wish my polymer clay efforts turned out half so well. Warmer spring weather keeps threatening to make an appearance here but only stays for a few hours to tease us.