Wednesday, September 26, 2012


All of the bead lots below are now listed

And these dudettes:
I was so happy to find I had more of those versatile brass connectors.  I used some of my own polymer clay beads that I had listed in a set that never sold in these.  The cane I used is like a topography map image.    That's one nice thing about making beads--if they don't sell I can always use them myself.

I still have some things in waiting:

 These lots will all be listed by the end of Wednesday.
 I made my third or fourth cuff style bracelet.  I found a great old brass jewelry box at the thrift store.  This is part of the bottom of it.
 Like all the other cuff bracelets I've made, I'm keeping it for myself.  I really like it, but more than anything, I'm just not ready to sell an all-metal cuff.  There's nothing "wrong" with it--the edges are super smooth and rounded; it's a standard size, fits well...but there's just something outside my zone with it.

This is interesting.  Here's a pair of earrings I altered for a customer who wanted them at a specific length.   Usually people who want earring length altered want them shortened.  I totally get wanting long earrings, and having a specific length that you love.  Here's how they appeared in the listing:
Those of you who make jewelry might see why I had a bit of anxiety about altering them so they're 3&1/2 inches.  To me, they're just "rounds."  I didn't want to infringe on their spirit. 
The only solution was to make them into chandeliers.  My main issue is that I didn't want them to look "lengthened," or that I'd just stuck stuff on.  And I thought for sure I'd have to remove the wired beadage at the bottom of the filigree, since it was put on 'freestyle' without consideration of further attachments.  But I was able to attach the wire bead drops almost perfectly without having to change anything.  I was skeptical the whole time I was making them, although the whole process seemed bewitched as all the elements I pulled hastily to experiment really seemed to work and refer back to the original piece like magic.  But then, when I held them up to my ear, they looked very striking.  Again, that's the part of custom, altered, and "assignment" type work I really love--coming to surprising and satisfying conclusions on paths I never would otherwise have taken.

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