Thursday, April 27, 2017

I recently purchased 30 tins from a new junk shop we found in Herkimer.  Since I already had like 200, storage is getting a bit ridiculous.  They end up holding stuff in the studio, so I never end up cutting & using the things, which was the whole reason for purchasing them.  I love making charms, but it's rather small and slow work; I feel like selling "bigger" is better for the tin right now, so I've decided to sell some "raw" cuts.

 I'm doing all the grisly work as you can see here...
 ...and selling flat, smooth-edged, easy-to-cut curated mixes in 1 oz. lots for $9.
 Most of these have sold or are on reserve....
 ...but I have many more ready to photograph and list in the next several days.
And much more to come after that, too. I've also been making ready-to-use tin charms and connectors as I've been working with the tin, so I'll have those up soon too.  Go see!

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  1. What a really cool idea! Glad to hear they are selling well, and you're getting some of the clutter out of the way too ;)