Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 Lots of entries.  I was very careful to make sure everyone got the right amount of tickets.
 All folded and mixed well in the swan.  Rats love swans full of paper.
 Mule was so confused.  He really didn't understand one thing about the drawing.  He just wanted to play hide and seek behind the pillows.
 I finally dropped a couple pieces of bread in the swan and he nosed around...
 and the paper that got nosed out sure enough had a name on it...
The winner is Loralee! The Herkimer Diamond pendant necklace is yours!

Thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. that's so cool! aww good job Mule! you are awesome :D
    i miss having rats

  2. OMGoooooodness! thank you sooooo much!! Mule picked me!! I can't believe it! I haven't had the best of luck this year with the broken foot and all, and now I feel the winds are changing in my favor!! MULE, thank you ever so much! I'm so excited!!!!