Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Newly listed and coming soon...

My son has been working on more types of paper beads.
This thing is refusing to let me post the photos in the order I want...
These above are mine.  A red faceted set.  Available now.
More of the mint and oxblood...available now
Set no. 3, Altered Sampler Pack--8 available 
A new take on rolled paper beads.  I have made a few of these, but my son is now doing the experimenting to see what shapes can be made.  These are obviously raw, and pre-embellished.  That will take more experimenting.  But I love that you don't necessarily have to make paper pulp (messy, time consuming) to get a round paper bead.  He is anti-fail.  I am pro-fail.  We're working on letting go of attachment to outcomes.  Experimentation for its own sake with an eye toward ultimate success.  It's not exactly 'pro-fail.'  Pro-forgetting about fail/success during an interstitial creative phase.  That's better. Is this making sense?  I am not reading as I'm writing.  Everyone's waiting on me in the car.  
And finally, some dyed glass.  Bet you didn't know you can dye glass.  You can't.  But you can soak it in dye for a week and if your beads are 'rustic,' they probably have all kinds of wonderful superficial places where the dye can penetrate a bit and become a little stained.  That's what these are.  

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