Saturday, December 29, 2012


It's been a little slow in the shop with a weird mix of lots of views and traffic because my earrings were on the front page yesterday.  So I decided to put a ton of stuff on sale in hopes of clearing some older things out.

Almost the entire front page of my shop is renewed at reduced prices. Including things such as...

 ...this necklace and...
...these earrings...

I'm also terrible at remembering to place sale items in my sale category, so you can find three pages of sale items by doing a search using "sale" or click here.

In addition, here's a coupon code only announced here: BLOGONLYSALE which will get an additional 15% off.  If there's anything not on sale that's kind of toward the backish area of the shop, let me know and I may reduce it.  Don't feel weird asking--I wheel and deal and welcome it.  I also will be happy to combine shipping between my jewelry and supply shop, which is here.  I've got some destash strands to list later too.


  1. Aww man, man I wish I could afford to spend money right now, I love all the pretty pales you got goin' on, with the dark ruin built in...ugh. You make such pretty stuff, it makes me feel a little inadequate! It DOES.