Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crazy things

Want to see something crazy?
Here you go!  And you thought Herkimer was only famous for its diamonds.

Believe me, I have as many questions about it as you do.  And all questions will only lead only to more questions, I've learned.  Because we've tried to apply all sorts of logic to this.  But when you squeeze an orange, you just get orange juice.  When you try to understand the world record omelet pool table, well, it's just an omelet pool table.  It just IS.  Smile and move on...

...to this different kind of crazy thing, perhaps...an amazing 67 cent/strand bead sale at Fire Mountain.  Go see!  I'm embarrassed to say how many strands I purchased.  I've never ordered from the before, but the photos and descriptions of the beads are excellent.  Lots of stone, marble, mother of pearl in interesting shapes, and glass.  Some of the strands are over three feet long!  For 67 cents!  I love a bargain.  Just thought I'd share.
 I've also got a few new items up:

 Some polymer beads with Sharpie stripes, baked right in.  Love that pod form, but the others didn't come out so perfectly imperfect.

And some faceted polymer with a layer of the Kato liquid clay.  I love how it turned out.  The texture feels so good too--like the plastic of a superball.  It doesn't squish like that of course, but just the topical, very superficial touch of it.  Very smooth.  What's funny is that if you drop a polymer clay bead right out of the oven, it actually does bounce like a superball.  Super ball or Bouncy ball?  In Kansas we always called them Super balls, in Utah it was Bouncy balls.  It's like the pop/soda thing.  Or babysitting/tending.

Some new earrings:
 These both feature connectors made from those Indian metal beads.  Once, Sparrow showed some hammered metal beads and they looked so pretty that I tried it with some and they immediately popped apart at the seams like they really wanted to be something else.  You'd never believe the original shapes of these--they look so completely different flattened.  I love the inner sides--they have a lot of natural discoloration and the negative relief on it is more interesting.

These above almost look like some kind of shell.  Which do you prefer, backs or fronts?

                                                                      ...or fronts?
Sometimes they don't pop apart--they are determined to stay together.  These are such:

 The connectors.  Luckily I had two of the same shape and size.  They come on a strand with millions of seemingly unique and weird variations.

And then this larger one that stayed together was perfect for a clasp on a bracelet I was making.  I hope to never run out of those metal beads.


  1. love the new work and my eye goes to that beautiful drop bead last pic with the little color flash...love the flattened stuff too...I’m cleaning and sorthing (again) my never ending project that sometimes ends up more confusing than helping me get organized...sales are meh...but I keep at it anyhow..

    1. Thanks, Cynthia. The drop bead is a vintage craft bead, altered. I had them unaltered in one of the exchanges, and they all came back and I realized they were probably ridiculous as-is. I got that last junk box out the other day and I'm determined to use every last thing I originally put in.

      Sales are kind of meh for me now too. Up and down, not predictable. I think I need more beads listed.