Thursday, October 11, 2012


 I've got some new things that will be posted tonight (or soon.)  This bone and shell necklace...
 I've had it completed for months but the I've never been satisfied with the photos I've taken.  It seems to be one of those items that just seems more impressive in person.  The newest photos will have to do.  Does it seem aseasonal now?  I never pay attention to seasons and jewelry.
 I finally got some more of my polymer clay beads photographed.  The light was iffy today and by the time I was done with these 2 lots of beads, it was gone.  Here are some moons and crescents, and some molded ones in the same metallicy finish.  The moon faces are hand formed with simple tool-end impressions for the eyes and mouth.  I kept a couple and will make more.
 You can't really tell in this photo, but those chubby smaller crescents interlock nicely.  I didn't even think of it until after they were cured and I put them on wire.  I think I'll make a ton of such interlockers and make a whole necklace out of them. I've been meaning to make an all-polymer clay bead necklace.  But I'm always compelled to list the larger lots beads instead of use them myself.  I do use a lot of my own beads, but they're usually orphaned or one offs.
More pig beads.  These have a black base with dusty pink highlighting.  I think I'll try some tiny flower painting on their sides next time--like those folky Mexican piggy banks.  I think I'll use some pig beads in some earrings as well.  Maybe I'll paint some folkroses on pigsides for earrings tonight...


  1. Your necklace is beautiful! I have a necklace I finished last week and can't seem to get suitable photos even though I have taken about 10 photos a day. I'm giving up for now.

    Like you, I don't intentionally make jewelry for the seasons, though sometimes they do have a seasonal feel. Any more I think anything goes when it comes to fashion, colors, and jewelry.

    Those pig beads are darling!!!!

    1. The only thing that seems seasonable to me are colors. I suppose it's silly to think that whitish=summery when white is also a wintery color. I think it's that big shell pendant that seems kind of beachy. My necklaces tend to sit for a while anyway--it'll probably be spring before it moves!

      The pig beads are so fun to make. I'm going to venture into Scottie Dogs or rats soon.

  2. loving all the grungetastic new beads- but i love yr new blog header most of all! the scribbly stars are so you! xoxo

    1. Thanks--I've really got so many to list; it's ridiculous.

      I have been scribbling stars on everything since I was in kindergarten! We found some old drawings and school stuff my mom had in storage and it was so weird to see my exact same scribbling instincts so far back. Everything is improved with stars or starriness of some sort or another.

      The header was born of another failed attempt to document my working spaces for the 'about' section at Etsy. Won't work there, but at least it works here!

  3. Love your new header! Also the oinkers.