Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New things...

I've got some new things to show...
Escutcheon chandeliers, listed

Rose medals, will be listed soon

Reds chunky choker, listed

Long chandeliers, listed

Elephant necklace, will be listed soon.

Did you know that it's really easy to add some color to mother of pearl and most shell beads and such?  This disc below that I used for the clasp started out a regular white/cream.  I plopped it in a black rit dye bath and it ended up a lovely grey.  It's not a superficial dyeing either--the shell is porous enough that it gets it all the way through.  I love the look because it still retains all the natural iridescence and variations in tones.  I've also managed some color removal with a diluted bleach bath on commercially dyed shell, which always seems way too saturated.  

Tonight I will be experimenting with the now-fully-dried air dry clay beads.  I jumped the gun two nights ago and tried while they were apparently still undry.  Two came out okay, but a couple broke when I used the bead reamer.  So it's just not worth being impatient.  Can't rush things.

I also bought a toy pottery wheel!  $20.  I call it a toy because it's plastic, features all primary colors, and is made for kids.  But it's not a toy in that it (supposedly) actually works.  I'll probably try it out tonight!


  1. I did know that! It also works on bone and wood, and I think vegetable ivory buttons as well. Dye removal is such awesome stuff to experiment with as well, it gives you colours you'd never end up with using pigments. Sometimes undoing things works better than doing things does!

  2. Indeed--I've got permanent little tubs for all dyeables. If something looks even remotely porous, I'll stick it in to see if it takes.

    I love color remover! I've only used it on fiber so far--actually, I did use it on some macramed or braided and beaded hemp--there's a photo of it in this post: http://shipwreckdandy.blogspot.com/2012/04/spring-dandy.html
    The result was a light green (I gave it a blue dye rinse as you can tell by the bluish bone beads)--whatever the case, the bone beads SIZZLED in the color remover--made creepy popping noises. Anyway, I agree--it's a great thing to use if you like altering.

  3. Beautiful stuff! I love the red choker. I'm jealous of your toy pottery wheel. My dad had a real one that worked, and I only found out he had it after he sold it on a garage sale!! I stewed about that for weeks.

    1. Toy pottery wheel can be yours for the low price of $20 at either of the Topeka Walmarts. Just looked it up--in stock at both stores. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Kids-Craft-Pottery-Wheel-Kit/19515666

      It's in the craft section--not the toy section. Get the to "Hypermart!" (Remember that? Hypermart?)

      I know, I know...Walmart, blech.

  4. long chandeliers and elephant necklace and wonderful! Need to also say that I really like the new blog banner and all the photos on the side bars. So much eye candy to be diverted by.

  5. Thanks! I finally forced myself to take a couple nights off from making stuff and attend to the blog and other things that have been on the backburner.

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