Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Some new items listed:

Nuggety choker

Smoky quartz with a great chandelier drop from a trade

A snowy-kind of thing with another wrapped hospital rock

 These below are previews.  All ready to go; just have to get up the gumption to list.
Cool glass simulated cherry quartz.  Any guesses what the bottom drop is made of? Hints: Not polymer clay; I made it and it's in a brass setting (not a bead, I mean.) 

A fall-like thing.  I got a whole thirtysomething inch strand of African beads from my wonderful local Fall Hill Bead and Gem.

I showed this last time.  Here it is all balanced better without that striped bead.

I also got some great rustic fused glass pendants from Fall Hill on sale during the Canal Days celebration in our town. It was about the only store having a real sidewalk sale like the stores were supposed to be having.  Most others were either closed or had a table with crock pots full of bbq-smelling meats on it.  Makes no sense.  It's like living in another country much of the time.

More crimping going on, still.  I love crimping.

I have more, believe it or not.  But I've also got a lot of other things going on.  Today I about went mad trying to figure out how/what/where to purchase my son's textbooks for school.  In a week he starts his first year of college; can't believe it.  We found a good program at a local SUNY community college that has transfer programs to Cornell and another college he's interested in.

My husband's three little grandsons were here all last week but I've had this dreadful ear infection for weeks and feel like I've been on the bottom of the sea hearing and looking and experiencing everything in the world through a flimsy seashell periscope.  It's a weird thing, being sick but not quite sick-sick--it was all very liminal and strange. I did manage to find some great rocks outside the hospital clinic.
A midafternoon snack of juice and hospital rocks

Midsummer mayfly dream
 We were driving back from the hospital with all the boys and saw this grand swarm -- Mayflies EVERYWHERE.  Strangely, my husband and I were the only ones who seemed interested!  I love bugs of all types except silverfish, house centipedes, and earwigs.  I've never seen anything like this swarm/infestation.  I got out and captured one in my hands to see it up close and it looked like a tiny fairy dragon, very magical.


  1. Wow that Mayfly swarm reminds me of biblical stories and locusts invading, but yours were pretty and magical. Love the nuggety choker with the emerald greens and golds. I also like how you scout for rocks everywhere you go :) You know I have you to thank for the recent crimping going on right? Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Yeah, biblical...it actually was a bit biblical-feeling in that it was like entering something removed from ordinary experience with no warning. I love that. Being blindsided by the truly extraordinary and unexpected.

      Having lived in boyworld for the entirety of my adult life now, I automatically scout for 'good sticks' and 'good rocks.' I have stopped the car for sticks. Our rat is named Sticks. It was just on this last trip to Kansas when I put it together that I could really, REALLY make use of the rocks in jewelry. A strange, late, and overlooked connection as I even wrote an article for yahoo a couple years ago about using rocks in craft projects. It's hard for me to revisit some of those craft articles because I wasn't into making jewelry again then just yet, so they seem so vague and meaningless.

      The crimping: I wondered if your seed-beadiness was a crimping venture! I noticed you're using waxed linen cording--are you able to use it in the same manner (with crimp tubes and the crimp tool) as you would with regular beading wire? Just last night I thought of using some alternate stringing stuff with the tubes to test.

  2. I love that you found supplies even whilst visiting the hospital clinic - that's taking found objects to a whole new level.