Tuesday, August 7, 2012

...draft listings created...

I've got lots of things to list soon.  Pictures taken and edited, draft listings created.  But I'm dragging my feet on the actual mechanics of listing.  Too many items in the shop.  I've got to get over that--it's not like customers find it a stumbling block or hard to navigate.  I do sell lots of older items, so there's no reason to deactivate long-unsold listings.  Clearance sales usually don't help clear anything and coupon code specials don't have an impact and I haven't found any keys to influencing immediate sales, so I guess I'm just stuck with a huge number of listings until there is a confluence of dynamics that tones it down: old things expire, sales continue, production ebbs a bit.

That said, I am a wheeler and dealer by nature, so if anyone reading this has their eye on multiple items,  feel free to hit me up for coupon codes or your own idea of a special.  I know from reading Etsy forums a lot of sellers find it insulting or inappropriate when customers inquire about discounts.  Not me.  I welcome it.  Bring it on.  I can't/won't/don't/shouldn't always reduce, but I often can/will/do/should.  Like right now, when I want to clear a lot of things out.  

And there are exceptions to the pleasantness of inquiries, of course.  But I'm talking about reasonable, polite customers who are confident, know what they want, and follow through with transactions.  I can't tell you how many repeat customers I have that initially inquired about discounts or inquired about some kind of combined-purchase deal.

Anyway, here are some things that will be listed soon.


dark assemblage
All necklaces, as that is all I feel like making lately.  I love using up the chunky beads and making assemblage pendants lately.

beatnheart, it's driving me crazy--what is the 'after 3 months' you referred to in your last comment...?


  1. Oh darlin didn't wanna drive u crazeee! I meant that with my things, meaning the stuff that I make, if it doesn't sell within the three month listing, I don't tend to relist it... I put it in the tear it down and make it into something else pile...
    You are so productive.

  2. Oh, I get it! I just couldn't fathom what you were referencing! I think I just started out listing every single thing I made without enough monitoring or future consideration, thinking 'more is better.' But better is better, whatever that turns out to be. At the moment it seems like it would be less listings.

  3. Delicious Beachglam.The luminosity of the golden yellow is lovely.

  4. Bluehorses is beautiful, loving all of your new necklaces... it is good to see artists use chunky beads fearlessly and well.

  5. Loving your new necklaces!! Beautiful work.

  6. Lovin' your stuff - beautifully balanced and just downright fabulous. I tend to re-list expired items once (unless I decide I hate the piece) and then if it's time for me to cannibalize it.