Monday, July 16, 2012


                                        It was a double rainbowy type of roadtrip back to New York.
 We just spent the last week in my hometown, Topeka, Kansas.
A meal of cheese and beer.  Other typical meals include lots of cheesy Mexican food.  It's a little known fact that Topeka is filled with Mexican restaurants.  It's the food of the town.

I purchased a TON of supplies.  My son and I hit every thriftstore in town and some select antique and vintage shops as well.  Pounds and pounds and pounds of vintage beads n' such.  I took my tools along so I could work in the car if I felt like it.  Last year I only took cording so I made a ton of macrame.  This time I was feeling more holistic with more supplies immediately near.  I made this necklace entirely in the car...

I also collected some rocks to see if I could come up with some wrapping techniques for them.  Experimenting takes up a lot of time and for some reason also makes time seem to go quickly, so I felt like the car trip would be a great time to try.  The ones with notches and odd shapes worked best.  I made some clasps too.  I'm thinking of listing some sets of embellished hooks and loops.

Finally, I made this macrame beaded bracelet in the car:  

All that's ready to be listed will be in my Etsy shop tomorrow, along with many new items I completed right before I left.  I've even got a couple more things I made today from my new supplies.   I'm procrastinating listing the stuff for some reason.  I never do that.  Must be some kind of travel delirium.  
tumbled stones

smashed buttons, stone chips, MOP stars

dark to light.  Just realized I need to wire wrap over the crimp beads.

frog hoops

dragon stars

and many more to come...
Look what I walked in to find on my photography table yesterday when we got back: 
The iced latte I made to have in the car the day we left for Topeka.  Oops, forgot to grab that.  Why it was on my photography table is a mystery--no recollection of having put it there.  Look, it's all curdled and yuck.


  1. I live so close to Topeka. What shops did you visit? It sound like I need to make a trip there myself.

    I love all the pieces you made--earthy and beautiful!

    I get motion sickness very easily and could never work on anything in the car. Even if I could, all my stuff would most likely be rolling around on the floor.

  2. Those wrapped stone pendants are seriously wonderful, loving the frog hoops too. Double rainbows and cheese and beer, making... this is one happy post indeed.

  3. How great that you were able to do a supply run and get some things made. Sounds as if you got some new inspiration with your change of scenery.
    I agree, experimenting does seem to take a lot of time but you just never know what will come out of that. Very cool new works. Your artistic spirit is shining.