Friday, June 8, 2012

Supply photos

 Aren't these amazing?  I've been obsessing over their 40s looking colors.  I wish I knew more about plants.  I think they're begonias.  I got them for our side patio which recently got a superficial makeover.  I pretty much mean we cleaned it off and then finally figured out we needed to get some blinds and covers for it.
 The netting is actually something that seems to be made for a princess canopy type bed.  Goodwill, $2.  I'm allergic to mosquito bites.  Each bite becomes about 3 inches in diameter and hurts like the Dickens.  So the last couple of years I've been taking measures to avoid getting bit.  The idea of being able to hang out here without having to worry as much about mosquitos is very exciting.

Here's a patio view:  Note the lack of stars, skulls, decayed flowers, festooning, and twisted twigs?  Restraining myself a bit so it looks like a grown up lives here.

 I thought this was funny...they looked so...faithful or crestfallen.

Ok, on to the fun.  Here's the first part:

Going clockwise starting at 10 o'clock: pearly plastic flowers, vintage red plastic, vin. plastic rings, lilac and blue wood beads, glass flowers, brass caps, vintage baroque Marvella glass beads, vin. plastic pearl teardrops celluloid (I think) white flowers, vin. orange link (I have a few more I'll put in), vin. plastic cantaloupe drops, blue glass drops, wood links, vin. plastic yellow rice beads, red lampwork, plastic faux milk glass beads, Coro link/connector, rhinestone pin (missing a couple stones) plastic button

Bags: vin. navy plastic rounds, stones (brownish quartz beads, lava rounds, dalmation jasper), vintage plastic marble look set, african sand cast beads.

Below the bags is vintage silver lucite bumpy tubes; above the beads: glass, faux cotton pearls, bone shaped bone beads, soapstone beads, bone tubes, pointy top shell discs, yellow millefiori glass, big lampwork, a large handmade steel connector, MOP disc connectors, and a pair of vintage geometric dangles.

The next part:

Bagged beads are all pressed Indian glass in oceanic colors.  This is from the bead soup mix I had set aside when making the bracelet for my Sculpey tutorial.

The loose things are from a trade with Fanciful Devices--some good stuff she sent that I just haven't used yet that I thought should get used.  That perforated metal thing could be a good pendant part.  I just don't use hardware much.  Makes no sense.  Oh look--the little phone is calling his sweetheart.

Ok--so these are the main things I'll put in the outgoing bouncing box.  There are also some things from the box that I'll leave in when I pass it on.  So, if this looks like a lot of things you would like, just leave a message here, at fanci's forum, my email ( or convo me at Etsy to let me know you're interested.  If you happened upon my blog and have no idea what this is all about...this is a supplies exchange with a group of jewelry artists.  We plan stuff mostly at the link above there called fanci's forum.  The best way to get involved is to use the introduction thread there and introduce yourself with links to your Etsy shop, jewelry website, blog, etc.

Oh yeah--those little cataloupe beads in the first supplies photo are what I used to make these:
I got a few convos asking me what the beads were.  Vintage plastic, filed into 'facets' and brushed with paint in the same exact manner described in the Sculpey tute linked above.


  1. Your gorgeous blooms are hydrangeras. Love the idea of the bouncing box but posting sizeable boxes to from the UK is costly these days. So I'll just look on in envy

  2. the flowers are gorgeous! i love love the bouncing boxes but have decided to go neutrals solo. it has been very challenging,but rewarding. i'll be destashing lots of stones and glass beads if ya wanna trade neutrals for color for that one-one you posted a bit back. happy patio enjoying! <3

  3. Actually Hydrangeas, gorgeous!!!!

  4. *sigh* cost even more for postage to/from Australia.
    (Joins 13 on the envy bench)

  5. Hydrangeas..and the color depends on the acidity of the soil. Beautiful photo, btw.

  6. Lovely things! And your hydrangeas (are they yours?) are beautiful.