Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Dandy

I dyed the felted flower.  I went for a gradiation kind of thing, but the wool takes the dye strangely.  It still doesn't look ready to me.

 I also did some experimenting and transformed plain old brown hemp into a really unusual cording.  Can't wait to try the techniques on different color hemp.
I received my jewelry submissions back from Jewelry Affaire a couple days ago and promptly listed them.  Is it tacky to say they are in Jewelry Affaire in the listing title?  These short chandeliers above were not accepted.  I made them at the last minute instead of sending another more complex pair I made.  I had a feeling they were a bit common for a magazine, but I really like them.  Job's tears seeds/beads are so weird--they have a glassy vibe.  I love them.

 These above are made with two mismatch 40s era buttons from my grandmother's huge button collection that I luckily have.  At first I felt weird about using them in things to sell, but my mom convinced me that she would have loved to see them used the way I'm doing it and of course have people get use out of them.  Both of my grandmothers were all about crafting.  More on that later.  The little cages I got at an estate sale in a very weird house in Utica.  Upstairs, there was a room that was a jail--like someone was imprisoned there.  Creepy vibes.  I thought it interesting that I got something 'caged' in a house that had a caged room.  I also got my cool chair that I use in my studio at that sale.  They both might be haunted a little.  Not really.
I love the little buttons on these guys.

It's an absolutely beautiful day today.  We walked down to the junky little thriftstore in town and scored bigtime and then went to the co-op across the street to get tofu pups to grill for dinner, and there is a rummage sale's officially spring, it seems!


  1. I really love those 'cage' earrings, and the story of the jail in that house! Creepy. Sounds like you're having a great start to spring - I don't see a problem listing the fact that your earrings were in Jewelry Affaire at all. Really.
    xoxo Juliette

  2. Love the button earrings and the cocoon wraps - but I really want to know more about that cord!!! It looks fabulous.

  3. I'm really interested in what you did to that hemp chord to make it look so different. I've been using macrame more and more recently and even shelled out for some waxed linen (usually I just use what ever's around). Kate