Monday, February 20, 2012

Miriam Haskell, etc.

A few days ago at Barnes and Noble I came across a fairly newly published large format hardcover book entitled Miriam Haskell Jewelry. Lots of good looking photos and it seemed to have quite a variety of her jewelry. I almost purchased it on impulse but the price made me pause--I knew it would be much cheaper via Amazon.

Plus, there are a lot of jewelry history type books I've got on my wishlist on Amazon, and I keep meaning to make a decision. What I'd really like is something with tons and tons of photos of super inspiring photos of interesting and unusual jewelry spanning all time and all cultures. Tall order. But many such books are older and they don't have photo previews.

These types of books are great as well. There are also several surveys of ethnic and African jewelry I've got on my list, but no previews. Any suggestions for great photo-centric historical types jewelry books would be very welcome!

Not so related, but today I snapped a photo of a few pieces of my own jewelry to share here. The necklace at left is a Miriam Haskell double strand glass pearl with a lovely rhinestone clasp. The center bracelet is one my grandmother gave me in 1989 or so because I was obsessing over it and borrowing it constantly. It's marked "Mexico" and I believe the story is that either my father or Uncle purchased it for her in...Mexico. It feels so good on.
The bracelet at right is something I purchased at one of my favorite places in the world, a vintage shop on Topeka called Pastense. I worked and shopped there off and on since 1986. The bracelet really represents so much of what I love--the outrageous chunkiness, the green against the darkened metal (which is my doing, that darkening) and lavender rhinestones--the floral elements, the kind of craziness of it but containment in the window-like rectangles--the bracelet is a fairy tale.

I bought it along with a TON of jewelry and buttons for deconstructing and parts, and my husband picked it up and said, "Oh wow. Can you imagine someone actually WEARING this?!" Indeed I could.


  1. Your jewelry collection is beautiful, I really like the bracelet far right, such gorgeous details and color. Big chunky pieces are so much fun, I always feel like wonder woman when I wear my cuff bracelets. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Hm...that's curious... I really thought I already followed you.
    Anyway, I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find more informations about it on my blog.
    The bracelet far right is georgeous. This green against darkened metal is one of my all time favorite color combinations. Thank you for sharing!

  3. My first real love...vintage jewelry...well and clothes and shoes too. I love the Mexican one mostly because of the history behind it of course. Richelle, I am still making the beads and had to throw away alot! I could just crack them in half! the round beads seem to be the sturdy I’ll just carry on with them. Thanks for all your help.

  4. oh yes...the coveted haskell book...haskell is my idol and i still don't own the book!
    i keep looking for a better price...or a yard sale...or a small miracle.....