Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Organize Part II. Also, Winning.

I am finally posting something here. Obviously.

Petra had a lot of questions in my last post, from...October. Answers: I don't tweet, but I do post everything I list on Facebook. I have had many sales from friends and friends of friends and such. I do have a Shipwreck Dandy page on Facebook, but there are only a few followers and sales come from my regular page. I used to worry that people would be annoyed with all my posts because I list an average of 2-3 items a day, but they are always welcome to hide me. I figure it can't be as annoying as constant app-generated posts or updates describing every ingredient of every meal people ingest.

Aside from facebook, I don't spend time marketing in any other way. I do s
eem to have good placement in the search returns at Etsy, though, since the whole 'relevancy' thing kicked in. I really noticed a huge difference in my hits and traffic when that went into effect and I figured out how to use search tags. I also started noticing a change in hits and traffic (and sales) when I had a bit of a breakthrough in better photos.

I definitely didn't have sales right away--of course there were a few, and all from friends. Not to discount that of course, but it wasn't because of my fabulous store. Which can be proven by looking at the photos and listings of my first items. Which are always cringe-worthy, even in the best shops. One of my biggest frustrations was knowing it, too. I knew my photos sucked and that my design aesthetic was in transition, but also that there was no way over or around it other than right through it with time and experience. I've seen that ha
ppen in many other endeavors and it can't be rushed or faked.

I hope that answers all the questions.

Here's a photo of my choatic looking photography table. Thinking about rigging up a lightbox.
The natural lighting this time of year is so limiting.
Also--to answer another question about the Stringing Magazine contest: I won the Winter Wonderland contest. But not the Fairy Tales. I kind of knew I wouldn't win twice in a row. Also, the necklace was pretty over the top. Anyway, my necklace can be seen in the current issue of Stringing Magazine, on page 8. They gave it a 1/4 page and made it look very pretty. That's it in the top photo. It feels good to have something published. More should be coming soon, too!

I just realized I didn't even mention organization, which is what I had in mind when I began this. It's boring anyway. I just need to truly, really get my space and head organized once and for all. I have a bit of a plan and will be able to start some focus on it now that most of my custom bead orders have finally been sent. I will take before and after pictures!


  1. Congrats on being in the magazine. I am at B&N now and will try to find it.

  2. oh, that's so cool. Let me know what you think! Alas, I could not find the magazine in my local store--it came out last month, so maybe they are just late in stocking it.