Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Half off Sale!

 Do people still look at blogs?  Do people still blog?  

I put lots of stuff on 50% off in my jewelry shop.  

Most of it has been listed for at least a year, and in some cases, 5 years.  If they don't sell at 50% off, it might be time to remove and remake.  

I don't like having more than about 100 items in my jewelry shop, and right now there are 246 items.  I feel like I sell more when I have less to browse through, and I really don't know if it's actually true but having so much keeps me from making and listing new things.  

One way or another, I am going to make some space in the shop for new things.  

Go take a look.  If there's something you've had your eye on and it isn't on sale, please don't hesitate to ask me if I can take half off; if it's too new or there's some other reason I can't reduce it that low, I can likely do something for you.  

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