Friday, February 14, 2020

Sale extended and Pendulums!

Only one person has used the 20% off coupon so I'm going to leave it active for another 24 hours or so.  Use DANDIFIED for 20% off your order of at least $50 in my supply shop (through 7pm or so 2-15.)
My photography set up space always looks so chaotic in longshots but it is chaotic

I made a couple macrame & quartz pendulums last night.  I had the cord out and started to make some little bead caps then remembered I wanted to use it as a wrap for stones.  I couldn't remember exactly the idea I had (it started out much like a bead cap) so I just tried the 'netting' technique; I grabbed a nearby tumbled quartz and it worked out nicely.  I intended to make a pendant but it just kind of turned into a pendulum.
Tried using natural lighting today to see if I could get away with it but it's kind of flat and the shadows drive me crazy

For the first one, I didn't do anything at all fancy with the length of the cord and I just used a charm I had nearby.  That one will be a keeper.  It turned out nice enough that I made another one that I'll list (the one with the longer quartz.)  Should be listed this weekend.

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