Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rule your life like a fine skylark

 I said I'd post some Herkimer diamond photos a while ago--here you go.
 My local bead and gem store has a ton of them.  When I'm there, I get really caught up in going through them and choosing based on all kinds of internal, half-formed whims and grand schemes that make no sense later.  I'll have little supposedly matching pairs and circlets of them ringing around each other and somehow it seems like there's going to be a story told.
 And then I'll start coming to my senses and put some back, switch them out, etc. I look at all of them I've got now, only a few of which are shown here, and I can't imagine why I chose this one or that one, but they all do seem to have a 'purpose.'  Looking at just these, I notice I've got quite a variety of shapes, colors, clarity.

 I think a lot of the Herkimer diamonds you find outside of here (Herkimer Co., NY) in gem shops and such are the smaller, more characteristic very clear, double-terminated type.  Those are great, but I think these are so much 
more interesting and unusual.  Look at that second photo up there--under that watery grey flat glassy cover there seems to be a whole rocky little world.  I love that.  I love the general blue-grey glimmer to the cloudier ones.  And then there are miniature ones affixed to the sides of some like barnacles.  

And even in snapping the shots I started lining them up in shapes that seemed to go together.  

  At first, I was thinking it looked like some sort of symbol I've seen...maybe Klingon.  Then I noticed an "eye", and extremities...
I pushed it all closer and it seemed...aquatic?  No...
Turns out it's a bird in flight.  See it?

Not really, but I'm always finding animal shapes in everything.  When I was very young, I used to set aside some of my popcorn pieces because they looked exactly like teeny little types of animals.  I remember once my father unknowingly ate an entire circus show and he felt terrible.

I'm determined to start using some of these crystals--for some reason I've been holding onto them and that is kind of rare for me as I don't really hoard or save supplies.

I am not so informed about the qualities and dynamics of Herkimer diamonds, but here are a couple links: http://herkimercrystalsonline.com/  http://www.herkimerdiamond.com/mining.html

We've been to that diamond mine in the second link--great fun.  They give you a little mallet pick axe deal and you just smash rocks like mad trying to find crystals inside.  The rocks break right open sometimes and the crytals will pop right out.  I never would have believed how it works.

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